Tobacco Consumption As A Means Of Socialization On The Outskirts Of The Faculty Of Sociology

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Tobacco consumption as a means of socialization on the outskirts of the Faculty of Sociology

A social fact can occur in our daily life without taking it as such; It is our duty as sociologists to learn to identify them, differentiate them and the most important thing to be able to observe them, leaving aside any idea or value judgment that we have about them. A clear example of a social fact, which can be associated as something usual to see in our daily lives, is to note that on the outskirts of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences at the Central University of Ecuador, both students and teachers of the career of sociology they have social conversations and meetings while performing the action of smoking a tobacco. While it is true, they do not do it, but it is a phenomenon that can easily be visible, where the circumstances in which such peculiar ways of carrying out an informal conversation are managed.

Within the fact that people make use of tobacco to socialize there are several common preparations such as: sociologists seek to look intellectual because great thinkers had a habit of smoking, talking with a consumer is a sign that one will also become one, if a Person smokes tobacco is easy for him to keep close with other psychotropic substances, education without values ​​precedes an addiction, bad friendships that encourage smoking, liberal ideas that are accused in sociology. These are some predictions to which Durkheim, refers as "vulgar notions […] idea, a kind of ghosts that disfigure the true aspect of things" (2001; 56). That is, they are imaginary that someone would normally have about consuming tobacco and at the same time maintain a conversation (especially if it raises within a faculty of social sciences, where prejudices on the consumption of legal or non -legal drugs are well marked). The same prenocions that, on the relationship that has the act of smoking with socialization within the career of Sociology, have no place. However, they are not falsehoods, they are subject to common sense, but not under scientific knowledge.

In order to eliminate the prerection mentioned above, it is necessary. By applying this rule to the social fact, we would begin by describing what we see; In which semester are the smokers, what they talk when they meet on the outskirts of the power to consume tobacco, the gestures they make, the clothes they wear, the way in which cigarette is included within the socialization scene, etc. We verify its components to see it as a thing, “keeping in front of them a specific mental attitude, addressing their study based on the principle that we completely ignore what they are” (Durkheim, 2001; 16). Which suggests that we face this social phenomenon with an independent mentality of the beliefs that we have about tobacco and ways of socializing.

The aforementioned tobacco consumption as a means of socialization by the students and teachers of the Sociology career is, in itself, a social fact. Individuals want to be socially accepted and when observing other people smoking within their own faculty, they receive the coercion of the group of smokers who incite them to be part of the circle. In addition, if a member of the Sociology career decides not to be part of the Circle of Conversation, forms of exclusion of the individual arise, as well as insecurity. The pressure exerted by the group is such that, the situations in which they are usually smoked are associated with reinforcing effects of: friendship between classmates and relationships with teachers. In fact, if a teacher is the one who is talking with the students, there will be a greater motivation to approach the group, evidencing that: “The collective ways of acting or thinking have a reality outside the individuals, which fit it All the time ”as Durkheim mentions to refer to the coercitivity of the social fact (2001; 30). It is irrelevant if the individual wants or not smoking with other people, what matters is the force that invites him to perform this action.

Therefore, we can say that it is a social fact of a physiological nature, because it has the role of answering the question. What is smoke in the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the Central University? To which we could answer that, smoking tobacco has a role in which the debate of any social issue becomes more interesting. Smoking tobacco is a sign of belonging to a group, forms a trend that has become accustomed to the individual. The fact serves to force his will and behavior, and not for the exercise of rejecting it means that he will cease to exist.


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