There Are Many Love Anime

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There are many love anime


There are many love anime, some better achieved than others, but they all have in common: that will make you vibrate. Love is one of the most complicated feelings to express and therefore, many mangakas and anime studies strive to get the perfect work of this genre that, like Shöjo, has a lot of audience. 

The anime of love or romantics, are within the Josei category, which is a genre aimed at the most adult female public, where they have romantic frames from the prism of adult women. The anime that we will show you below, we consider that they must be seen if you like the genre of love, and therefore we recommend you to take a look.




We start the list of romantic anime with Soreedemo Sekai Wa utsukushii, a story where despite the setting is fantasy, it has a realistic touch. It is about a couple who fulfills their mission of marrying, sharing time while together and overcoming their differences to end up falling in love. They always discuss but solve their differences to turn their relationship into stable.

  • Duration: an easy romantic anime with a duration of 12 chapters.


Kamisama Kiss

This love anime tells us the story with Nanami Momozono, a woman who has lost her home for the game debts generated by her father’s losses. The father leaves Nanami and he is homeless and without having a place where to go. She meets a boy who was threatening a dog, manages to free him and he, as gratitude, takes her home that turns out to be a temple. When Nanami meets a family member of the young man, Tomoe, he realizes that he was the old god of the earth and that he is not so easily willing to accept it.

  • Duration: This anime lasts 13 chapters plus 1 Ova.
  • Kamisama Kiss
  • Love Anime Kamisama Hajimemashita


Sukitte li na yo

The argument of this romantic anime is quite deep and may seem the classic Josei but it is not so. Mei Tachibana is a modest and quiet girl who is 16 years old and who faced her last school years without a boyfriend and without relating to her friends, because as a child she had an incident that made her think that all those people would betray him at some time in some time ofhis life. Thanks to the fact that Mei begins to meet the popular boy of the institute, Yamato Kurisawa, she makes him feel a lot of interest in him and thanks to this, Mei begins to have confidence again and changes his perspective of life. Friendship with other people opens and starts.

  • Duration: The anime lasts 13 episodes plus 1 ova.
  • Love anime Sukitte li na Yo


Ai yori aoshi

This romantic anime begins when Kaoru, a normal day, returns to university. In the train station, people pise and step on Aoi, and because of that it falls to the ground and the tape of one of their sandals is broken. When Kaoru appears, he helps him get up and manage to fix the sandal, as he did when they were children. Despite knowing each other, AOI does not recognize Kaoru.

On the train, Aoi explains that she was looking for her boyfriend’s house but had not seen each other since childhood, then at that moment Kaoru asks for a photo to help her and discover that she was as a child.

  • Duration: The anime lasts 24 episodes.
  • Ai yori aoshi


Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

In this story of love anime, our protagonist is Sunako Nakahara, a young woman who has a big problem of self – esteem since when he went to school, he told the boy he liked at that time but he responded in a somewhat derogatory way:I don’t like ugly girls. At that time, Sunako took refuge in herself, neglecting, with the bangs that covered half a face so that they did not see her and locked himself in a world of gore and horror movies. Her parents must move to Africa and she must move to her aunt’s mansion with her four tenants of her age. All of them are beautiful to those who Sunako asks them to make her a lady. They accept but will realize that Sunako is a very difficult girl ..

  • Duration: The anime lasts 25 episodes.
  • Love Anime Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Huge
  • Love Anime Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Huge



This famous love anime is very popular and deals with Hideki Motosuwa, an 18 -year -old boy who lived on the outskirts of the city of Tokyo in the field until he suspended the university access exam and could not enter. He moved to the city to continue studying and thus try to approve it to have access. When installed in the city, he realizes that everyone uses Persocons, computers in human form. Hideki is fascinated by these types of computers that are practically humbly physically speaking but does not have money to acquire one.

One day, when he returned home he seemed to see a dead person but realized that he was a Persocons, so he took him to his home to check if he could work. After many attempts, he manages to make him work and when he wakes up the only thing the Persocons can say is Chi.

In the course of the argument, Hideki knows more friends and who are connected differently with the Persocons. He realizes that there are feelings inside them and he begins to feel things for Chii.

  • Duration: The anime has 26 episodes.
  • Love Chobits Anime
  • Chobits


Nagi does not assume

This curious love anime is a human civilization that lived in the past at the bottom of the sea. On the other hand, there were many of those humans who wanted to live on the surface and that is why they moved causing a separation between them. Subsequently when the sea school closed, four of those students should move to the surface school. This anime tells us everything about their lives while adapting to the New World and relationships between them begin to emerge.

  • Duration: The anime consists of 26 episodes.
  • Nagi does not assume


Plastic Memories

The argument of this love anime moves us to a near future, where robots with human appearance begin to extend all over the world. SA Corp is the company that manufactures them and created the Giftia, a novel Android model that shows feelings. These robots however has a limited date of useful life that expires in 91.920 hours (about nine years and four months), therefore, the company created the final service section with which to recover those robots that have already completed its cycle. Mizugaki Tsukasa, an 18 -year -old boy, goes to work in that department and his work is to recover robots, if not, the giftia would become violent with primary impulses.

  • Duration: The anime consists of 13 episodes.
  • Love Plastic Memories Anime


School Days

This romantic anime tells us the story of Makoto, a young man who travels to school every day by train. He falls in love with a girl named Kotonoha Katsura, who goes to the same school on the same train every day, but they are not together in the same class. Wanting his love, he listens to the urban legend if you take a photo of the person you like and nobody realizes your love will come true and take a picture with his phone. His partner Sekai observes the photo during class and tries to help Makoto, even though he doesn’t know. Sakai is in love with Makoto and becomes a love triangle.

  • Duration: Cortito Anime of 12 Chapters plus 2 OVAS.
  • School Days



The story of this wonderful love anime is about the romance of the perfect student Yukino Miyazawa with her academic rival Arima Söichirö and relationships of several of her friends. She is an exemplary student but only away from home. No one knows that really behind that facet, a girl who studies many hours is hidden and strives to the fullest to get the aago. One day the other exemplary student appears, Arima Söichirö, who will give a plot to the plot since he discovers that the true Yukino is actually a normal girl. At that time a relationship of hate and competition begins that will end with love, which will gradually change its real appearance.

For me, this is the best love anime.

  • Duration: The anime consists of 26 episodes.
  • Karekano love anime


Once these 10 love anime that you cannot miss, we are going to investigate a little in what the term Josei, the anime or manga gender referred to the type of female and more adult audience.

What is an anime of gender love Josei?

The term Josei means in female Japanese and it is a category within the manga or anime that focuses mainly on the adult public, more specifically aimed at women. The Josei Love Anime Gender is relatively young since it began to register on 1970.

Within this wonderful literary genre of anime or manga, we can find a series of determining factors that identify this category aimed at adult women:

The story explained in a Josei is usually with an adult theme

If we compare this genre with other categories of manga or anime, the Josei can contain some slight and subtle sexual touch, which makes it look like an erotic style work. They emphasize drug or alcohol abuse.

The female character is fundamental in the work Josei

This romantic manga or anime genre is basically directed to the adult female public, so it is normal for a female character to always present. The protagonist can be a man or woman but he always tries.

In addition to being feminine, the characters are realistic

A pillar of love anime is that the characters are usually realistic, leaving aside how far it may seem like a story and unbelievable, which marks a lot of this style is that the characters have a deep essence that transmits a realism by the realism by thefeelings that express.

It looks a lot like Shoujo style anime

Many of the mangakas come from previous works belonging to the genus Shoujo, which is a category of manga and anime aimed at the adolescent female audience, so it is normal to think that when passing to this more adult genus, the type of route and founding changes. The characters and the general style of the work seems more adult, an evolution of what they did in the previous sleeves.

Love sleeves or anime can be dramatic

Certain sleeves or anime Josei touch complicated issues such as depressions and traumas, so more than one manga at the end can leave you with a bittersweet taste or they can be quite dramatic.

As we have said previously, many mangakas come from the shoujo genre so that the romances that appear there are usually somewhat idealized, more fantasy and can become childish or cheesy for readers, but in the sleeves or series of love Josei styleThis does not usually happen. Love stories, although they still have some childhood or touch, are usually stories explained in a more adult way so romance is usually much more real and acceptable by the reader. This brings us to the next point.


In the love anime Josei we put aside, as we have said in the previous point, the romanticism we know in the drawings as childish or unbelievable. Now in the manga or anime Josei the romantic stories are explained and above all we understand the concept of love in a deeper and more mature way. We go to see that homosexuality is accepted or Pansexualism, since some of the protagonists show it.

I hope you have entertained this review of these anime love series that I think you must see at least once and a mini summary of what is the romantic anime of Josei style and the differences it has with the Shoujo.

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