Therapeutic Cloning Seen From Medicine

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Therapeutic cloning seen from medicine


In 1997 it was an event of world knowledge about the cloning of a mammal (a sheep called Dolly) that brought controversies worldwide. On the one hand, a great admiration and on the other, a strong rejection and criticism. As will see cloning, it is a subject that much discussed before the people.

Cloning is the process by which, in a asexual way, two identical molecules or organisms are obtained. Cloning does not always have to do with the cloning of a new living being, but a few cells, organs, etc. In general, to be used for medical purposes.

One of them is the investigation of diseases to achieve possible priests, improve the reproduction of medicines, make organ transplants, among other things.

Therapeutic cloning has proven useful in the treatment of genetic, degenerative and autoimmune diseases, such as Parkinson’s evil, Alzheimer’s disease, cystic fibrosis and lupus, among others. Its objective is to be able to reproduce tissues and organs.

Another purpose of cloning is to multiply higher animals and with the help of transgenesis, process of transferring genes into an organism, genetically modifying them to achieve a better livestock production. For example, a single cloned and transgenic dairy cow can produce about 80 kilograms of human albumin every year, a very important blood protein whose annual demand is more than 600 tons for the treatment of burned and various trauma.

There are currently many species of animals and plants in roads, such as the giant panda, the polar bear, among others. Cloning would allow them to keep them for the future. For example, cloning has contributed to the obtaining of more resistant plants and has even avoided the extinction of some species.

According to studies, 51% of 60 thousand people are in favor of cloning for medical purposes, but it should be stressed that 55% of 60 thousand people are against human cloning.

Cloning in humans was prohibited by UNESCO. In 1997 the Universal Declaration on Human Genome and Human Rights was approved. Article 11 clearly provides that practices contrary to the dignity of the human being, which includes cloning should not be affected in countries, which includes cloning.

In conclusion, therapeutic cloning if current.


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