The Writing Of Texts At Another Time

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The writing of texts at another time

In the following essay, the question will be answered if the text had been written at another time. What would have been different? Why? Based on the work Casa de Dolls of the Norwegian author Enrique Ibsen poet and playwright who was born in 1828 and died in 1906. Ibsen wrote this work mainly on reflecting "human freedom", although this is depending on as people or reader understand it. When Ibsen writes this work, Norway was a very discriminatory society, in addition it seeks how society marks our roles as people.

The work Casa de Dolls was published by 1879 when it was presented for the first time in Theater. According to the author’s purpose, it was to transmit about the role that the woman played by then at that time (nineteenth century), but it is importantDoll Casa was published generated great controversy, since it strongly criticizes the marriage norms of the nineteenth century. Although Ibsen denied that his work was a feminist, it is considered by many critics as the first true feminist theatrical work ”, so if this work had been written at another time or at another time the role played that was the feminist was changed because, andThat at that time Ibsen is based on a real event that occurred in one of her friends, also that the characters could change and instead of a woman could place a man with the same situation that I use in the woman. At that time the woman was under the mandate of the man and had to obey her orders and that she could not do anything without the consent of her husband.

Although nevertheless if it was written again during this 21st century, nothing could change because at this time there is much violence from men to women and it seems that they would like to return to those times for those times. The time when this great work is written appears almost in the second half of the nineteenth century and then it was believed that women did not have the same right that men had and they only had to dedicate themselves to caring for their children and inHis house while man was the head of the home. Even in many other countries, men still have more rights than women. In this work Ibsen tries to give a message which says that every person has the right to be oneself and manifest in such a way.

The work would not have been so different would only change points of view, but Ibsen is based on the reality that was happening in society and reflects it in his great work. In addition, Nora’s character plays a very important role here since since childhood she was treated as a doll, according to her first with her father and then with her husband so it is assumed that she was never happy with any of the two men and thatThey always had laws that imposed that she had to comply with. “The role of women at that time, for the nineteenth century;It consisted of marrying the man who was more convenient and having children, living with luxuries of modern society, without thinking or worrying about the world in which they lived ” . At that time, the woman did not have the opportunity to take her own life in her hands because she lacked freedom understood as self-determination. In the work, Ibsen shows us Nora enjoying materialistic wealth, immersed in a society where money and appearances constitute the key to happiness.

Now comparing the nineteenth -century woman with that of the 21st century, it is very different since when Nora in the character of the work leaves her home, her husband and children show society that despite all women have the same rightthat men and that they can even be superior to them. And as Henrik Ibsen wrote "if you doubt yourself, you are defeated in advance," so women have to be able to fight for themselves;And if now the woman leaves the home she is not as criticized as it was at dollhouse.

To conclude the role of women it is very important in society since it was previously criticized and less important, and it was announced that the man was the superior. In addition, if this work had been written in the 21st century, it would have been very different since the role that the woman plays would change radically and would not have been written like this;In addition, the people of now interpret it differently since they have not lived in such a society, although some still think that this work contains many things of feminism and machismo of men towards women, but even Henrik ibsen himself said thatHis novel was not feminist and that this depended on how people interpreted it. This author was based on real life, something like that he was happening in todaydecides to change the end. In my opinion if this work is written again, they must change the role of women and put man to change it.

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