The Truth And Reason Leonardo Da Vinci

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The truth and reason Leonardo da Vinci


The Renaissance was a time of rupture of the established structures and currents where the cultural approach ceases to be theocentric and becomes anthropocentric, that is, here the starting point of humanism begins and man becomes the center of attention. This interdisciplinary movement was based on observing and understanding the new knowledge to give expression through art, leaves religion aside and uses science and reason to seek explanations to natural and social events highlighting the ethical values of freedom,Justice, love, respect, solidarity and honor. 


Its origin dates back to Florence in Italy in the year of 1400, where Renaissance art would stop representing the religious material in its works and this would begin to capture art with the human being its desires, feelings and pleasures, later this movement generatedNew styles such as portraiting, pictures about mythology and landscapes. Galileo Galilei and Leonardo da Vinci developed at the time of the Renaissance, promoting the development of the scientific revolution, provided contributions to philosophy, to the study of astronomy, art, contributed to the development of history, within which it fitsHighlight the improvement of the telescope.

Thus allowing the study of the moon, the sun, Venus and Jupiter who gave a new perspective of the rotation of the Earth in relation to the sun. It gave rise to the bases scientific method, which focused on the observation, analysis and experimental verification of the hypotheses and about the experimental explanations of natural phenomena, these were part of some of the contributions of Galileo who was a scientist, philosopher, mathematician, astronomer. In the case of Leonardo Da Vinci, he was a man who trusted the truth and reason as pillars of his own thought, he is mostly known for highlighting in many branches of knowledge.

Among which was characterized by being an inventor, technologist, philosopher, scientific, anatomist, sculptor, painter and engineer. The Catholic Church of the time was characterized by having control and predominance over the different branches of knowledge, prohibiting works that went against the postulates that the Church defended and called as true, made severe judgments where they humiliated and forced thepeople to retract in front of the entire Inquisition and promised to follow the rules that imposed on him. Leonardo characterized his production by the chiaroscuro technique, the technique of modeling the forms through the use of contrasts between the lights, shadows and temperatures.


He used the sfumato technique with which he blurred the contours of his paintings, achieving an atmospheric perspective in his landscape works. His drawing "The proportions of man". According to him the proportion between the distance from the head to the navel and from this to the feet, it must be the same as the proportion between the distance from the navel to the feet and from the head to the feet. To this system of harmonic relations is known as the divine proportion, which had great boom. 

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