The Swimmer And Its Characteristics

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The swimmer and its characteristics


Swimming has been registered since prehistoric times, the oldest swimming files are paintings made in the stone age, approximately 7000 years ago. Written references about swimming date from 2000 to.C. The coastal tribes that lived where they are currently Netherlands were known as excellent swimming tribes by the Romans. Bátavos could cross the Rin River without losing the formation, according to Tacitus. Dio Cassius described a surprise tactic used by Aulus plautius against the Celts in the battle of the Medway.


Swimming rules

  • The movements of the hands and arms must be executed slowly and progressively increasing the speed.
  • The swimmer must learn to develop the virtue of feeling the water instead of training all the time swimming quickly.
  • The fingers should always push first, regardless of what swimming style the student is developing.
  • The swimmer must minimize the resistance keeping his head and the high buttocks.
  • Hips must be high in butterfly and chest before sweeping out of the hands and arms.

Swimming characteristics

Swimming is a sport that is practiced individually, although it can be practiced by team. As a sports practice it consists of permanence and progress in water occupying the various parts of the body. Swimming needs the development of body movements techniques that mix with breathing.

The sport emerged in the very new nineteenth century in England as part of the tennis, certain tennis players would improvise a genre of tennis tennis in reduction wielding a pool or picnic table, in which a tennis center was formed, divided it into two fields Or in parallel with a rope, they incorporated balls served as infinities of effective models for the little ones could play. The rackets would be tapas of pure boxes or children’s bates for the little ones. Undeniably composition the fable with the context.

Table tennis rules

  • The basic equipment is two blades or rackets, a smooth table with a network that divides the table by half and ping-pong balls.
  • A play is the period during which the ball is at stake. Somewhat is a play whose result is noted, an annulment is a play whose result is not scheduled.
  • The first player is determined randomly. Each player or couple will take twice passing to the serve to the player or opposite couple.
  • For individual games the white lines of the table mean nothing, but in games in pairs each one takes from right to left to left guiding by the lines drawn at the table.
  • Once the ball is in play, the rally period begins. Each player hits the ball to pass it next to the opponent, can go from side to side indefinitely.
  • When a player hits the ball he can’t throw away on his side, but he can take a boat on the opponent’s side.


The games that play will consist of one to two people depending on the game, the players who play whether individual or couple took only twice, if one of the players toquilla the table with any fragment of their body except the racket, the point will be For the contradictory. The game of the game ends in one of the two players obtains eleven or seven points overcoming, in the question of remaining equal to ten points, they will continue playing, each of the players will form a shot in turn in which they play in which One of the Gane teams.  

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