The Sweet Waters Ecosystem

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The Sweet Waters Ecosystem

Among the ecosystems that make up the sweet waters are that of still waters, formed by lakes, ponds and also swamps. Every ecosystem is composed of two elements of great importance, the physical place that it occupies and the living beings that live there. Life in fresh water is very particular and also very wide. Among the fauna of lakes and swamps we can find a great diversity of species.

Animals that make up the fauna of lakes and swamps

One of the species that inhabit sweet waters are amphibians. For example: frogs. While they can spend their lives in both water and land, there are two occasions when they prefer in water, when they put their eggs and when they look away.

Another species that makes up this habitat are reptiles, among them we can highlight crocodiles and water turtles. These are usually seen on the shore, sunbathing or putting their eggs and then they usually return to the place where they really feel comfortable, the fresh water.

Among insects that usually grow in lakes or swamp. They usually grow inside the water and once they grow they fly far. Instead, there are other insects that inhabit fresh water throughout their lives.

Charcas, swamps and lakes are also the home of many fish such as trout and albano. Among the mammals, the hypopotamo and the beaver stand out. They also live in lakes and swamps certain amphibians such as red crabs and shrimp.

What characterizes lakes and swamps?

To know the fauna of lakes and swamps, it is important to know the most important characteristics of these habitats.

Lakes can be defined as a large body of water that is usually surrounded by land. The waters of a lake, unlike the rivers, do not run in any direction and when it dries can become a swamp.

A swamp is not only formed by water, but the earth is a fundamental part that composes it. They are characterized by being surrounded by forest, the waters are usually sweet, but we also find some salty. They are usually composed of a large percentage of stagnant water and their depth is really low.

These are just some of the animals that make up the fauna of lakes and swamps. The characteristics of these waters have become the habitat of many animals that have been adapted perfectly to this hostile medium. 

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