The Suffering Of The Female Figure During History

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The suffering of the female figure during history

The female figure has had to cope. However, for the same reason for prejudices towards her, many are launched with greater impulse and effort to fight for their dreams, having great positions in companies and even in politics. The autobiography my story, written by Michelle Obama, first lady of the United States and first African -American to occupy this position, is based on the experiences and challenges to which it was exposed by existing discrimination, from his childhood in Chicago to his prestigious lifeIn the White House, breaking the paradigms of society and fulfilling achievements to contribute to the development of the female and healthy children’s gender. In this way Michelle Obama showed that mountains can be moved and highlighted by the world, creating a connection with the reader being a written autobiography currently written. In this, the issue of women’s empowerment is evidenceDominican Republic where this is still an obstacle not yet overcome.

The autobiography my story written by Michelle Obama, is characterized by the legacy that the author has left world. However, his desire was always to break the existing stereotypes in his environment, since the woman is rejected by society to occupy political positions, such as being president of a nation, for more studies he has done and is professionally trained. One of the main approaches is the female generation and discrimination that he overcome in society, reflected in his own life when suffering and being a victim of this from an early age. This is evident when it was discriminated by the university counselor that the Institute had assigned to him at the time he said: "I am not sure that you are size for Princeton," these words being a greater inspiration for Michelle Obama to follow her lifeGo ahead with his name high, never being stopped from any offensive comment or stereotype of society. That phrase made her think that the counselor wanted to see her fail, for this reason, she made the decision to launch into the world for the potential she possesses and never allowed her to pause her dreams. This overloaded her with forces and faith that one day she will manage to fulfill her goals, causing a turn in the ideology of the nation. From that moment, he knew that he had to take an initiative to give an undoubted world to future generations, especially for his two daughters. 

During the development of my story, interpreter Michelle Obama, gives use to literary figures to make more sense to history. The resource of irony is used to imply different points of the writings, as a consequence of the paradigms of society, those of race, social and gender position, and the standards. In a speech, Obama said, "if I have learned something in life, it is the power that gives you the voice," (Obama, photo foot), a phrase that shows the fear and nerves she felt throughout her life, especially when he became First Lady, since he had never had experience in such an important position. This type of range is never usually given to a woman, much less to a dark complexion. Although she tried to have the negative comments affect her, those thoughts never left her mind. He considered that he had to respect certain expectations based on his appearance, wearing brand clothes to symbolize the first lady of the United States. Obama became the voice of those people who are often displaced, representing the role and empowerment of women at its expression.

Also, in my story, the author and protagonist Michelle Obama, caused a world change when she became the first African -American lady of the United States, her main focus being the defense of women’s rights and childhood life. Even with this position, what was most passionate about was education, and as he felt immense concern about prejudices towards the female figure, he took responsibility as the mother of his two daughters and voice of the nation to focus on the empowerment of women. The female gender must remain linked to support each other. Michelle launched “a leadership and tutoring program in the White House,” (Obama, P.474), which dedicated it to young girls to have knowledge of being able to handle and know how to succeed in their professional life. She used this route to advise and serve as an example for others, instructing them the domain and control that women must acquire about her life and obstacles around them so that they have the opportunity to be free and execute actions, just like gendermale. Michelle Obama wanted the same with his daughters, Sasha and Malia Obama, instilling values and equality from childhood to grow with the confidence of raising their voice in any circumstance that are found, regardless of the stereotypes present in the society that inhabit that they inhabit. As he did with his initiative to launch the Let’s Move Foundation!,"A new children’s food bill that would expand children’s access to healthy and quality foods in public schools," (Obama, P.462), guaranteed education and health equitably for both genres, looking for a better life for children through their food. She was the first woman to incorporate a new law, taking the impulse to relate to Congress. Michelle Obama, serving as inspiration for women with their successful professional career, despite prejudices in their environment, implemented new accesses for young people as they were the owners of the future.

On the other hand, at present, the issue of empowerment of the female figure is related to the context of politics and culture in the Dominican Republic, a completely macho island, where the male gender is known as the maximum superiority figure both in thehome as in the professional field. For this reason, the woman is a victim of the abuse of her rights and the freedom to occupy a position where she deserves it, since the previous preparation she has is not of importance to society. The female figure is seen as the ideal image to take care of the home and not have the opportunity to produce income for their hard work in the Labor Department, since man is adequate to have control and commitment of a work. This is why men occupy most political positions because women are not seen as a figure prepared to obtain such a position. Similarly, the type of hair and skin color is a stereotype created in Dominican society, since the more curly and dark are the hair and complexion, the probability that women do not get any type of work iselderly. In the Dominican Republic, women fight to have a voice and that gender equality surrounds the cloud of machismo existing in the country.

In conclusion, the autobiography my story written by Michelle Obama reflects the empowerment of the female figure, as well as the lack of gender equality represented in the Dominican Republic in the Dominican Republic. As previously established, the issue of women’s empowerment was reflected in the life of this author since her childhood for racial reasons, always seeking to break those existing stereotypes for the new generations. In the Dominican Republic, machismo predominates in the lives of all Dominicans, being an obstacle to the independence of women. However, despite all the limitations that Michelle Obama has experienced throughout its existence, such as racial discrimination to apply to Princeton University and when it became the first lady of the United States, he never hesitated to move forwardand fight to achieve equity between both genres. He was not defeated by the comments of others and sought an improvement, raising his voice and executing actions during his life. It will always be characterized by possessing superiority and confidence about herself without affecting the elements around her, feeling autonomous expressing themselves in the world in the world. 

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