The Study Of Arts, Sciences And Literature In The Humanities

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In this reflexive essay I will be exposing my knowledge acquired in the course, as these would help me in the future. Reflect on the humanities and how important it was for the human being. Define the nursing profession based on my knowledge in this. I will also relate what I learned as my professional career that is nursing. That this is indispensable for patient care and its prompt recovery in treatment. Also, which are the humanities from a personal point of view. Define the machine era and what were the contributions of the same. As the machine era helped evolution in the profession that I will exercise in the future. In turn, I will present some concepts that were very complex for me in the course. In which I could not retain what learned in this same.

What are the humanities, for me the humanities are the study we use to understand what are the arts, science and literature. Each of these concepts have passed since time for a common good in humanity. So much so that he sought to build the human being and placed him as the center of everything. The human being was able to learn different tasks or jobs. In turn, the machine era also arrived that was an era where the machines were the main resources that were replacing people making them pass to the background. Some of the machines that were developed at that time were cars, steam machines, textile machines among others. Agricultural areas were also benefited, since machines were created for crops and techniques for better production. In the same way, not everything was very pleased, since the machine era brought environmental pollution with it. Nursing is a profession that we can determine how the attention and care we use to serve and help the human being. We can say that the main objective a nurse project, investigate why things and together with that keep a high quality service. Well mentioned what contributed the machine era to health sciences was that the tools have been created necessary for a health professional to implement their work in a quick, safe way. This would entail that the nursing professional was more precise in the care of the patient such as their vital signs. Technological support is very useful, but from my point of view a nurse is of vital importance for patient care and even though the technology advances does not occupy the position of this, since it is the one that this day by day interacting with the patient. In another perspective I would like to explain that the most difficult issues made me learn. Which were the Renaissance and the daily life of the Renaissance, since it is a time in history that covers different contexts that I could not easily appreciate and it was difficult for me to retain. In which I believe and think that I had to spend more time, since it was the most difficult for me.

According to the essay we can say that the humanities study arts, science, literature and that it was also very helpful for the evolution of humanity. The human being passed through times that made him grow and develop. We announced the machine age from cars, steam machines, textile machines. As this contributed to society and agricultural areas by providing greater knowledge and techniques for better production. And as this era brought with it the environmental pollution that was one of the negative factors that influenced this time and that is still observed. There was also a contribution to the infirmary implying how this evolved. The technology was very useful for a safer, quick and precise form to be carried out in patient care. In the same way I exposed some issues which were difficult to understand the culés were the Renaissance and the daily life of the Renaissance.  

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