The Story Of Your Fairy Godmother

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The story of your fairy godmother


Hello, my name is Francisca Arenas and today I am going to talk to you about a wonderful book that I read in recent days, called "All Fairies of the Kingdom" I, especially I am not a book lover, but this one has fascinated me. The author of this work is called Laura Gallegos, she is currently a Spanish author of Juvenile Children’s Literature, specialized in fantastic theme. 

I loved her work, all the fairies of the kingdom and now I want to continue reading more books written by her, especially I loved it, because she does not forget to put any detail in her book. The work was first published in Spain, in 2015, only 3 years ago, and there is already approx. More than 3 million books distributed all over the world.


All the queens of the kingdom are narrated from the point of view of an omnipresent narrator, always closely accompanied Camelia, one of the seven fairies who decided to become madrinas fairy and lend their power to humans to help them in their decisions or missions or missions. All fairy of the kingdom is a very nice fairy tale, which shows that these stories are not always as happy and easy as they seem.

She has been an exemplary godmother: worker, dedicated, friendly, considered and sensible when making decisions for her godchildren and goddaughter, and thus being able to help them and give them the life of happiness they deserve, also many of their works are attributedto her companions especially the vain orchid. In the work there are certain touches of romance here and there, adventure, a little action and a small dose of comedy and drama. 

Camelia is a fairy godmother who has been helping young maidens and aspiring heroes for three hundred years to reach their own happy endings. His magic and ingenuity have never failed him, but everything begins to complicate when he sniff. Camelia has solved more difficult cases;But, for some reason, with Simon things begin to twist inexplicably ..

Camelia will be wrapped in a mess and every decision that concerns Simon will twist and twisting, the end seemed wonderful, and I feel satisfied with what happened, what I loved, is that I would never have expected that end. In my opinion, a title that would be great, and it would attract more to the reader, it would be "the world that you never knew of your fairy godmother" for me that title would be good, because the book demonstrates all the effort, and mess that they have to solveThe fairy godmothers, only to solve the problems of their godchildren.


In the work, there were certain small things that I did not like, but after half, the story begins to lengthen so that it did not make much sense, things happened that, for my liking, could be shortened or set aside, andThe drama was increasing so that it was quite heavy to have to read the same again and again, but I think that apart from that, I have nothing more than to complain.

Before finishing the video, I want to thank “sleeping between books, a literary blog that helped me a lot to organize, and give me an idea of what I had to do, since it was my first review. To close, I would like to tell you that I would not read the book again, but I loved the experience, and I would recommend you to read it when you have free time and are bored. In case you want to know, in my opinion to this book I would put 3.5 stars of 5. Thank you very much see you later! And I hope you liked the video!   

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