The Story Of King Oedipus

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The story of King Oedipus


The story talks about a king named Oedipus, which inhabited the Palacio de Tebas. The city called Cadmea was going through a crisis of a plague called epidemic. 


Then Oedipus and the other inhabitants of the city wanted to know why this was happening in the city, to know I think it was in search of help from a god called Febo, he told them that for the end of the suffering in the city they should killwho had once killed the previous king named Layo;Oedipus did not believe them and look for help in a fortune teller named Tiresias;He didn’t want to tell Oedipus anything, because he knew that he had killed Layo was Oedipus, he didn’t wantTruth about the oracle, he got very angry with the fortune teller as he had imagined. 

The king continued to investigate because he wanted to clarify this matter well, he had an argument with Creonte, his wife’s brother Yocasta, so he had told the fortune teller to Oedipus. Then his wife Yocasta arrived;She told them not to argue and that they do not believe in the fortune teller because once Layo had reached an oracle that said that he would die at his own son;To Oedipus a God had also told him that he would kill his own father.

 His wife continued to tell him that Layo did not die at the hands of his own son, but that some foreign bandits at a crossroads killed him, his son was not the one who kicked him out because he was knowing what the oracle said he tied his son his son his feetand threw it into a mountain to die. Oedipus when he listened to this he remembered the word cross. Of these only one escaped which was one of Layo’s servers, he did not find himself at that time in the city, for that reason they sent him to tell them what it was really happened. 

Subsequently, before the server arrived, a messenger arrived, who brought a message for Oedipus that said that his adopted father named Polyibo had died. Oedipus became very sad to know and thought that what the fortune teller had said that he would kill his father was not true his father had already died, and not at the hands of him, but what he did not know was that this was not thethat he had engendered;The messenger, already told him that he was who had cared more not begetting.

The server arrived and this one who knew the truth clarified everything: the server was the one who had taken Oedipus to the citizen to die, the more he had compassion for the child and gave it to the messenger who was a sheep shepherd, who worked next tothe. The server did this without thinking about what would happen. The messenger took him to his master Pólibo and this was the one who grew herself along with his wife merope. Being great Oedipus one day he went for the crossroads and some men came out and tried to hit him, he kill them almost all without knowing what people were, there he killed his father. Then he proclaimed himself King instead of Layo, married what his mother was and had children with her, her children were also her brothers. 


In the end it was learned that what was said at first and what the oracle said that Oedipus would kill his father, he would marry his own mother and would engender children with her. Upon realizing this, Oedipus’ wife or wife was killed and Oedipus took her eyes because she realized that he was the most unfortunate. 

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