The State Of The Economy Of France

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Before mentioning the profits, the economic contexts about the current years should talk about the history of its economy, so we will go back to when World War II ended, the European countries that participated in this war ended very destroyed and quite ruined.

Over the years, countries were still very divided since some distrustful of others, but they could no longer face again because they knew they would cause much more destruction.

It was expected, that it was going to be a catastrophe again and from there the economy could go down;It was basically important to know that they had the need to create jobs and thus be able to improve the economy, with the aim of pushing governments to contribute this objective.

In 1951, the European Community of Coal and Steel was founded, so that the community will carry the reins and control to know how many materials each of the surrounding nations had this because the steel is used forThe manufacture of weapons and the same coal, was very useful to operate the factories for both the transports to work.

Some of the countries with greater economic benefit were: France, West Germany, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg and Holland, it could be said that from its origin to the present in the European Union.

The French economy has different areas, such as:

  1. Public administration,
  2. Defending,
  3. Education,
  4. Health,
  5. Social services,
  6. Wholesale and retail trade,
  7. Transport,
  8. The hospitality and
  9. Restoration.


Intracomune trade is an activity that is carried out between people living in different states that are members of the European Union.

Intracomune trade represents one of the greatest variables in order to obtain its profits in exports of what France is to be specific.

France is the fifth world economic power, being behind the United States, China, Japan and Germany and the second European economic power with a GDP of 2.036 billion € in 2012. It is estimated that the GDP per capita is € 30 773 for a population of 65.3 million inhabitants resident in Metropolitan France and overseas departments. 

France’s economy is responsible for being the fifth largest economy in the world, for its exports and sixth for its imports. In the year 2020 he was affected by the pandemia named COVID-19, since it was one of the most affected countries.

According to the European Union, he mentions that in terms of distribution of employment by the large sector of economic activity, services represent a 70.3% of the active population, the primary sector 3.9%, industry 16.9% and construction 6.8%. The main key sectors of its economy are practically the chemical, biopharmaceutical, agri -food, automotive, aeronautical and spatial industry.

The services sector occupies 75% of the population, while the primary at less than 2% and 24% secondary. The French economy is increasingly open, representing an important place in international trade.

Economic activity registered moderate reactivation after the 2009 recession (- 1.5%): GDP growth was 1% in 2010, 1.7% in 2011 and 0.3% in 2012.  

France’s tourism industry is an important component of its economy, since France is the most visited destination in the world.

Based on the above, it can be specified as a general idea that France is found as a competent power with good foreign investment, generating an excellent production of goods and services in order to meet the needs of citizens and generate a flow of moneythrough their trade, as well as growing as power. 

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