The Spectacular Whales Of Iceland

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The spectacular whales of Iceland


Iceland is currently one of the preferred destinations for lovers of the most brutal landscapes and the most powerful manifestations of nature. It seems a lie that this small island save so many incredible natural jewels: glaciers, fjords, volcanoes, spells, waterfalls, and also several habitual passage areas of the largest cetaceans on the planet. Some whales that you can see with your own eyes from various places in Iceland. Get ready to see whales in Iceland. Given the climatic conditions of Iceland, tourism mainly occurs during the summer season. And precisely those are the months in which it is easier to see whales in the surroundings of the island. 


Keep in mind that even summer, here the heat is never too much. In fact, it can be cold, and even more sailing. So an important first recommendation is to be very warm to these excursions and thus avoid an annoying cold that ruins your vacation. Places for cetacean sighting. Throughout the Iceland coast there are various places that offer excursions to see whales. One of them is the reakiavik capital itself. Of its port, numerous ships save to the areas through which these great animals pass in Faxafloi Bay. You can also see whales sailing from the port of the second city of the island, Akureyri.

And there are also ports to the west, in the Snaefelsnes Peninsula, from which this type of excursions are also offered. As from Hólmavík, Olafsvík and Grundarfjordur. An area that combines these sightings with some of the beautiful landscapes of Iceland, where its fjords are different from those of Norway but equally fascinating. However, the site par excellence to see different types of whales is Husavik, north of Iceland. A perfect place to go in summer, embark and go to navigate, with the addition of going beyond the Arctic Circle, and also seeing the largest mammals on the planet.

More recommendations to see whales in Iceland. You will see that many of the excursions that sail from Reykiavik, Akureyri or Husavik offer different types of ships. In fact, there are some that offer a combination. More comfortable and large ships to reach the usual sightings areas. And once there you can embark on rapid and light zodiac boats that will allow you to approximately close close to the big whales. Obviously this option is much more expensive, and without a doubt who can afford it perhaps does not want to give up the dimensions of these mythical animals so close. 

However, we must say that it is not necessary. Undoubtedly so much proximity can bother these animals, so our recommendation will always be affected as little as possible to wildlife. It is certainly the best way that others can enjoy those wonders others that arrive after us. A whale museum. The whales in the Icelandic culture are very important, and they were always a source of wealth. Now they have become one of their many tourist resources. The sighting of humpback whales, minges and even blue, the most impressive of all, is one of the most demanded tourist activities. 


Of course, if someone has seen these animals in other latitudes, such as Dominican Republic, when he sees them in Iceland, it may seem to even a more appropriate habitat. Obviously the habitat is as suitable in both latitudes, but the surroundings of this island between the North and Arctic Atlantic is much more wild and inhospitable, and it seems more conducive. And the truth is that for Iceland these animals are so important, that even in Reykiavik you can visit a museum exclusively dedicated to whales. The best place to learn all about these gigantic wonders that still sail free from the sea, regardless of borders.

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