The Spanish Language In Miami

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The Spanish language in Miami


The Spanish in Miami could be official one day? Spanish is too important to leave it in the hands of the Spaniards ». Guillermo Cabrera Infante) Currently, Miami represents the Mecca of Spanish in the state of Florida. It has become the second most spoken language in U.S.A. According to Census of the year 2010, 68.2% of the population speaks it. Incredibly, there is a small city called Hialeah where almost 94% of its inhabitants speak it. 


There are reasons that suggests that this language is expanding, for example: Hispanic emigration grows annually, schools provide more support in developing programs towards this language and there are more Hispanic politicians in the United States government. First, I want to refer to the variety of Spanish that are distinguished in this city due to the growth of emigration in recent years. For example: Mexican listening to Spanish, Caribbean Spanish, Central American Spanish and with that same rapidity they collide with Espanglysh. 

It really is a collage of accents and idioms that make this city a linguistic diversity worthy of the best study. Second, there is another not less important aspect, and it is the fact that the educational system of this city is currently supporting by hiring more teachers and adjusting the curriculum according to the bilingual demand of the community. Charter schools are another dependence on public schools that are increasing bilingual programs where Spanish is taught for a daily hour in classrooms. 

In addition to mathematics and science in English, those same subjects are taught in Spanish. Which results in the academic level of this language rises from elementary education and not only at the end of the last years of high school. Third, there are more Hispanic politicians who represent us in Congress, which is positive, since there will be more support to develop socio -political and cultural aspects that are united to the language.


In conclusion, the expansion of Spanish in the city of Miami is undeniable. We have reflected it in advertising, brands try to reach homes that speak Spanish. The people who have emigrated feel at home, parents arrive at a school and have someone attending them in Spanish. Also, politicians are directed in this language to earn the Hispanic vote. Is it possible that Spanish in the not too distant future takes a place along with the official language in this city? 

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