The Spanish Inquisition, The Obedient Navy

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The Spanish Inquisition, the Obedient Navy

The Spanish Inquisition was a religious movement created in 1492 to punish the heretics that did not comply with the principles of Catholic faith. 

The objective of the Catholic Monarchs, Fernando and Isabel, consisted "in the detection and eradication" of false accusations. Jews and Muslims were forced to leave Spain or become Catholicism. People who decided not to leave, pretend to have abandoned their true religion which was a mistake as well as those who committed immoral acts.

 The Inquisition was a trade used to examine in detail if the conversion of the Jews to Catholicism was sincere. After discovering the defendants, it depended on the courts if the accused would be tortured or burned in bonfires. The Inquisition acted by accusation, complaint or trade. There were several types of penalties faced by the accused people depending on whether they were blamed voluntarily, they regret or if they denied their guilt without repentance. 

When the presence was voluntary, they received a spiritual penalty. If people were accused and repent of their actions, they fulfilled a penalty in prison. When accused and deny their acts without remorse, the defendants suffered a death penalty after terrible torture. 

The torture instruments were so painful that they were "able to tear a confession to homosexuals, witches or blasphemous" people who were suspected of practicing witchcraft or demonic pacts were tied and forced to eat coal or boiling oil to purify the soul. Most of the torture were terrible, for example, the torture "the impall" since in this, a iron stick was used and placed in the rectus of the accused by pressing towards the top of the body. Another of the most terrible torture was "the iron maiden" in which the defendants were subjected to this box containing iron peaks. 

The defendants were kept in the box until they retracted, if they did not die slowly. The torture noticed to produce "an advertising that served as an example and lesson" resulting in intimacy and "prevention of future heretical crimes" achieving civilization of people.

The Holy Inquisition was demolished by Napoleon Bonaparte in December 1808, because he hated "intolerance, fanaticism and religious superstition" being that the pillars of this religious institution.

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