The Spanish Inquisition From Muslim, Jewish And Christian Peoples

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The Spanish Inquisition from Muslim, Jewish and Christian peoples

The research work aims to analyze the Spanish Inquisition within the social and economic field experienced by the Muslim people, Christian and Jew in the years from 1492 to 1501, in Spain founded by the Catholic Monarchs, during their governance, to maintain Catholic loyaltyin their kingdoms and keep the institution in existence. To do this, it will focus to respond: how did the establishment of the Inquisition influence the Muslim, Christian and Jewish in the social and economic sphere between the years from 1492 to 1501?

To carry out this historical work, texts centered in the fifteenth century will be taken as secondary sources and also in the Renaissance, in addition to a work by Spanish Joseph Pérez. Apart from this, the work of Henry Kamen, all these as a reference points on what will be based to analyze, origin, background, consequences and impacts of the Spanish Inquisition in the people of Christians, Jews and Muslims

The first source, the work "Brief history of the Inquisition in Spain", published in 2014, narrates on how the Catholic Monarchs sign the decree of expulsion from Jews and Christians The purpose of this source is to publicize the methodsthat they used to pretend to achieve the religious unity of the Catholic faith, having as a reason to confiscate all their property belonging, since they passed directly to the institution.

The book has great value, since the author stands out as the Jews were humiliated, expelled, not accepting the Catholic faith, and together they had great strength in the economic field, therefore it came to take drastic measures when notaccept its position to the Inquisition, such as punishments, murders and expulsion from the reign of Spain.

However, there are limitations, since what the Jews suffered from the establishment is not addressed, but it is most focused on making known the implementation of the laws proposed to achieve conversion and steal their wealth for opponents for the opponents ofThe Holy Office, all with the aim of keeping the reign of Spain.

The second source is the text of Henry Kamen published in 2013, focuses on events by the author and testimonies of Christians, Jews and Muslims, the purpose of this source is to highlight the influence and impact that the Holy Office had in the history ofConverts and how Spain included a wide variety of political, economic, social and religious systems.

This source has great value, because through its content it allows a very broad analysis of how the communities of Christians, Jews and Muslims of Spain, were arrested, enslaved, tortured, for their religious beliefs, since Spanish society did not see itas legitimate.

However, there is some limitation since the book does not address with great extent dates in which the context of the Spanish Inquisition history on the designated dates such as 1492 to 1501.

The conflicts that lived daily Muslims, Christians and Jews, were irreparable, their religions, were not concessible and formal to Spain;Since at some times they enjoyed elevated status and were protected by kings and nobles, for their money that contributed a great benefit to their land, and also to the Church, these assets served for maintenance and security. However, their religions caused a point of intolerance. The Spanish Church raised a way to destroy these cultures since they did not agree with envy and greed, which were practiced by Spanish society was a great diversity of cultures in which Jews and Muslims had a great influence on the economic field.

Muslims, Christians and Jews, consolidated marriage between them, exchanging ideologies, customs, thoughts, economic states, thus creating a formidable union, which was not well seen, by Spanish society.

Spain was recognized for having political systems, which involved irrefutable laws, and a variety of cultures installed in the country. Within the social sphere, Muslims, Christians and Jews, maintained conflicts between the Spanish people, there was a time that a serious tension was reflected, arriving on a high point, as negative consequences, the Spanish settlers humiliated the Muslims.

The Jews, carried out their work in the cities, since they had their businesses in the city, getting to work even for the crown in court. On many occasions, members of said group voluntarily became the Catholic religion. And it was taken as a supplement, which bothered the highest layers of society, both the noblemary, through the ecclesiastics and reaching the growing bourgeois class, because these groups often owe them large amounts of money, duethat the banks of the time were carried by Jews, which put quite high interest rates, which from the church were always labeled as usury.

The jealous Spaniards of the redundancy of money they had, tolerated because a small part benefited them, or worked for them in their businesses, and did not endure it. For having people who were not born from that place and who come to take their country little by little with cultures and ideologies that were not typical of them.

The young monarchs Isabela de Castilla and Fernando de Aragón, while settling their power, Pope Sixto IV tried to introduce an Inquisition that would not have very perfidious consequences, although I do not get to obtain success. On the other hand, there were numerous converts within the state administration that, according to: John Lynch, tried to prevent the introduction of this court.

But once the authority in the State. The Monarch Kings, asked for due permission to the Pope to found an Inquisition that was under total control of them, without any interposition of the Pope.

In the fourteenth century, the ‘tolerance’ time for Jews, Muslims and Christians ends, passing a period of progressive conflicts.

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