The Socio -Society Development Of The Society

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The Socio -Society Development of the Society

At the beginning of the eighth centuries to Christ, the development of childhood was not considered important, which is why, it is explained that the infant was formerly qualified as an immature adult in miniature, but from the 16th century later later From Christ to the child they began to see as a unique and innocent being that had to be protected and appreciated, that is, to treat it as a fragile being of God. In the same way Soler states, that in Jhon Locke’s theory since the seventeenth century they exposed him to the child as a rasa tabula, that is, a blank, which needed to be molded and completed in the period of its growth through the experiences.  At the beginning of the 20th century certain scientific studies that were carried out, quickly evolving child development, but what is referred to when talking about development? It is nothing more than growth and changes of the human being that it has during the course of the life cycle. In the same way, Rodríguez and Muñoz claimed that some time ago child progress developed it regularly at home, but at present, the infant process has become the central axis, that is, from the first years of life the Child is reinforced by people who are trained towards the development of the 4 areas: social, affective, cognitive, motor. 


The social term derives from Latin socialis that means "belonging or relative to society", that is, it represents a group of people who are involved in the same culture related to each other, with the aim of creating a community. It is necessary to highlight that the social word not only represent the social relationship described in the ways of residing in society, but also certain components of a society that share from a community level towards a social coexistence towards a social coexistence.


The affective word comes from the Latin affective that personifies “relative to the pleasant feeling of something or someone”, this means that the affective term is referring to the feeling of affection, in other words, that this affection the human being can feel it with a family, a friend or also those places that consider them as memories and that have an important value in their lives. In short, the affections that the person feels generate various types of inclinations through internal sensations either a rejection of something or someone, etc.

The importance of child socio-affective development

Child development is defined as the process that the infant has from conception throughout his life, therefore, prenatal stimulation is important, since it allows to develop a link of affectivity between the child and his mother. In the same way, Calderón (2017) mentions that the child from birth, in the course of early childhood he creates socio-emotional communication with the surrounding environment, that is, socio-affective development in the first stage is fundamental, Therefore, they favor in the evolutionary process of the four areas of development (social, affective, motor, cognitive).

Theories about socio -affective development

  • Jean Piaget
  • Maslow and Carl Rogers
  • Lev Vygostky
  • María Montessori
  • Bronfenbrenner Urie
  • Sigmund Freud


Affective Development

  • 1 to 2 years
  • 2 to 3 years
  • 3 to 4 years
  • 4 to 6 years


The factors that influence socio -affective development

  •  The role of the family


The family occupies a fundamental role in the evolutionary development of the child, that is, it is the first support network towards the transmission of values, to the different styles of behaviors, to personal and social training in the same way, Suarez and Vélez manifest That when talking about evolutionary development encompasses, not only to the forms and guidelines of parenting, but also to the socio-affective development of the infant, to relate to the surrounding environment, developing in its personality through the basic elements.    

The attachment link

Attachment is defined whose affective link that develops through the relationship between the infant and an adult (the mother, the caretaker, the father, uncle, brother) during the first years of life, that is to say the attachment It is specifically certain ties that are established to the child’s need.

Talking about attachment is talking about a human bond par excellence, it is to keep in mind that the main core of how we interact with others in our adult life is based, in large part, on the experiences lived in the first years with parental figures , and that this conditions subsequent emotional relationships, in a non -decisive way, but very probabilistic. 

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