The Society Of Ignorance And The Knowledge Society

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The Society of Ignorance and the Knowledge Society

The Knowledge Society or the Society of Ignorance have been having changes in recent years due to lack of interest in young people to study abstract or complex subjects, however this society seeks social evolution, cultural, economic, political evolution andeducational in our society is how knowledge inhabits our understanding and is the fruit of transformation of the mental progress of each person.

There has been a variety of technological advances and evolution during our life, being so first;The language that allows us to express ourselves, then the writing appeared making it possible to conveThe Internet that has undoubtedly made a radical change throughout humanity. However, the industrial revolution brought new models in our society, the digital revolution that is accompanied by social evolution, since the transformation society emerges as a new social transformation where the different ages of information technology andCommunication, information and communication technology have taken an extremely important role in social, cultural and educational activities.

The author Drucker in a part of his book begins to talk about the knowledge society, referring to the new technological advance tools. (Brey, Innerarity, and Mayos S. F.)

Through reason we can give to knowledge, and the knowledge of all reality is only feasible through the reasoning of each human being depending on the ability to understand, so we will begin by saying that technology in ancient times was not so well knownNor was it given good use because there were ignorant people, it canstagnant and much less become "ignorant knowledge" people by not knowing howThey contribute to our society being clear that the information society will always be linked to the idea of technological creation.

In other words, all information began to be an economic good, where new income in companies and these works demand new work skills and competences. In the knowledge society, practical knowledge is needed, but above all you need the ability to use them in problems that our world is going through, to create and innovate.


What we need as young people is to have new skills today so that in this way we analyze, understand and revolve problems, since we have the ease of obtaining information at our disposal, in the same way to be able to work from anywhere and generate our information throughoutThe world, this is how we must learn to live today.  

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