The Social Problem That Machismo Represents In The World

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The social problem that Machismo represents in the world


Machismo a social problem present since the beginning of human history and has evolved, today we find a ghost machismo where it goes unnoticed by today’s society and this because it camouflages itself in technology has helped us in many things too It can be misuse of it with social networks. Machismo has increased since then, however, can we blame the technology of this increase due to social networks? The answer is not clear, but explanations could be given about this negative social phenomenon present since time immemorial, in addition to explaining why the use of new technologies in these times has been the culprit of the subtlety that this social problem currently presents.


The most vulnerable group in falling into machismo are teenagers because they are influenced in macho forums disguised as ´´Alibre´´ thought creating toxic environments. Some teachers such as Professor María Díaz del Congress ´´justnes and prevention of sexist violence ” In social networks, apart from some people take seriously what he says on the internet. 

Modern machismo is given by the technology involved in the problem. Social networks are doors to modern machismo due to the subtlety given and their interface. The subtlety of modern machismo given by social networks is evident because the Internet is handled in a closed space with few rules and this represents a perfect hiding place for machismo that is gradually giving alarming results in social research such as cyberbullying or Other types of network violence.

The Internet sometimes gives a distortion of reality where search engines organize advertising according to your tastes, this system Implement Google in 2009 for a more adapted and personalized experience to the individual ”. The problem that this gives an ignorance to the macho because they will never appear negative results of his position forming a dangerous bubble of ignorance also given by social networks because they only show you friends in common in recommended people and thus the/thus the/ Machista gets more people with the same thought. 


In short, technology has also been promoting this social problem. Although not always intentional has sometimes been a factor of criticism, in addition to the rise of the Internet in the 90’s it has helped us find more awareness and now we know how machismo can be something very serious, although there are also extremes of the feminist position or other positions some religious. Technology is not bad if it is known how to use and know how bad positions but also in misinformation.

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