The Social Environment Linked To Economic Development

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The social environment linked to economic development


The subjects are born in a social environment by nature, in which it is necessary to be increasingly personal and socially competent. Throughout childhood, a representation of who we are and how we are, as we produce personal and emotional development in the first context of socialization of the child, that is, the family is produced, that is, the family. Where values and norms that will guide them in their development are received, allowing them to internalize cultural aspects and develop the basis of their personality (Rodríguez).


Parental action shows parents’ thinking in relation to aspects such as control, authority, communication, affectivity, among others, that affect the relationships between them and the evolutionary development of minors, especially at the cognitive level,affective and social. These ways in which parents tend to communicate, show affection and the methods of discipline they use, mark the educational tendency that will guide the development of the subject (Cecilia, Ramírez, and Ramírez), being the relatives or caregivers responsible for it. 

In this line of research focused on parenting parenting styles, a marked interest in the psychopedagogical sphere is aroused. There are many authors who have carried out studies and research on family educational practices and their impact on children. The reason for this research is to determine the parenting styles that parents use. The impact it has on the academic performance of a group of minors residents of a rural area. 

Since school failure constitutes one of the main problems at the national level. The last PISA report made by the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) on 15 -year -old students places Spain below the average of the countries participating in the three skills evaluated: mathematics, science and reading comprehension. There are many experts who study the casuistry of this situation, that is, the factors that favor academic efficacy. 

Among the different variables (socioeconomic, cultural, social, instruction, institution, physiological status …), evidence shows an important impact of the family context on academic performance. However, it is sought to achieve equity in education, which consists in ensuring that social, economic and social circumstances are not an impediment in learning and that academic performance is mainly defined by students’ own abilities (Sicily & Simancas, cited by the Ministry of Education and Professional Training).


The concern for improving academic performance has derived that many studies are carried out, in which it is reiterated that the family directly influences academic performance from childhood to adulthood (Vallejo and Mazadiego). This reality has led to the family climate and educational styles used by parents, as determining factors, which we have mentioned influence evolutionary development, but they will also do so in academic performance.   

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