The Social Behavior And Social Fact Of Durkheim

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The social behavior and social fact of Durkheim

The present work carries an analysis of the theory of the employment relationship of one of the greatest traders in labor law in comparison both in similarities and in contradictions among several authors of the same subject that raise their etymologies, together with their meaningcritic and manage to capture a nuclear idea of regard to labor law concentrated in labor relations between the intervening parties, that is, between worker and employer;Therefore, the scientific article will contain references, quotes, and phrases of each of the authors as the idea raised to explain why the theory of the employment relationship and what is critical analysis of the essayist.

The development of social behavior

The author Bourdieu Pierre, who analyzes society in terms of social classes and who stays with power, emphasizes a social issue, than work, but it is a first step to understand the philosophy of the employment relationship, sinceIt presents a main analytical framework as a comparison between the social field and inhabites. The social field becomes that place where a certain product is produced and negotiated, therefore capital and interpersonal relations will be practiced in the social field;On the other hand, the habitus is framed in what is a system of well -structured and therefore durable provisions, and this can be perceived in the ways of thought, behaviors and ways of perceiving the signals in the social field, all with dependency and dependence andUntil relation to the system.

Now, the system is structured precisely by power, those who are in charge exercise the times of authority and this is what it causes is the creation of a system that they control and from that social relations and therefore the right as evolving is evolving, are following the path that authority indicates according to their interests. In his book, Bourdieu as an idea, states that the conception of law receives the economic and political pressure of the moment and in this the idea that was raised, and insist, who is in power marks the route by which they are going toDevelop social relations and, therefore, work.

Durkheim’s social fact theory

Within the study of labor relations, and in relation to the idea raised by Bourdieu, which is interference in the social sphere and for the interpersonal relationships that occur as marked, and I allow myself to make an exception when talking about an important author of theSociological and labor study, since their ideas can help us to present a more feasible approach if we understand that from social relations both legal and economic labor relations are based and in most cases these are informal work agreements, an essential pointFrom the analysis of this work.

Consequently, we will analyze Durkheim’s approach in his book on social fact, because he raises a perspective about the behavior of an individual and how he will cause collective behavior;Durkheim’s intention is not to qualify the concept of social fact, but evidence it within collective and social praxis.

Part of the consideration of sociology as “the science of institutions, its genesis and their functioning”, by institutions understand all beliefs and ways of conduct that the community has instituted.

Within every society there are phenomena that originate due to the relationship between individuals. Neither natural sciences, nor philosophy, nor psychology are able to study them. It is there where sociology has its foundation, in the study of such phenomena that determine the behavior of man within a social structure.

Within every society a collective conscience is developed that is responsible for imposing certain norms of behavior on men. For Durkheim collective consciousness has certain laws common to all individuals who impose certain restrictions regarding the subject’s action. Certain general rules can be violated, but not before verifying the hardness of the imposition.

When the husband fulfills his homework or the police meet his functions, they are dutched to defined duties. Within the use of their freedom they must do what their condition imposes them. There is no manual that explains in detail each of the duties of a person, however, through education, we have received certain norms of behavior within the environment where we develop.

There is the possibility of going against the social facts marked by the collective conscience of a society, but not before having suffered the social consequences of said action. We can think of a person who is the freedom to not speak in the language of his country or use the national currency, however, we can be sure that his company would fail because of the impossibility of not being able to communicate with anyone.

The conception of the social fact seen from the point of view of, states that it is born of social consciousness and from that it is manifested in the daily interaction of people in the same society (this varies depending on the geographical situation) for which, the behavior raised by society imposes on each of its members equally. It is the essence of the social fact when it is understood as a mental process to which a previously established required behavior derives. 

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