The Social And Economic Reality Of Puerto Rico

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The social and economic reality of Puerto Rico


In this letter an investigation into the social, economic and political complaint of Puerto Rico will be carried out today. For this investigation, written documents, news and existing statistics will be used as a result of the passage of Hurricane Maria on the island and its impact on all the aforementioned areas mentioned.

Puerto Rico, the island of charm, where many call homeland and home. The country of parties, joys and traditions. The island where he is called a friend, brother, compadre or family to a stranger. Puerto Rico, the town that joins when it comes to supporting a national team or an athlete that represents us in a competition. Beautiful Landscapes Island, from beaches to mountains, where the palm trees and sings the coquí.

Descriptions like these are the ones who listen and observe the world. Unfortunately, not everything in Puerto Rico is rose color. Puerto Ricans go through a crisis. Citizens without jobs, a government that loads with a debt of about 73,000 million dollars and now, with the passage of a catastrophe on the island, it becomes difficult to achieve a welfare state (CNN Money, June 29, 2015). These issues cause robberies, killings, strikes against poor administration and despair due to lack of money and food. There is a separation between the population, causing a pond in the country’s progress.     


September 20, 2017, Hurricane Maria hit us. Day that will never be forgotten in the history of Puerto Rican society. The island was shattered. Electric laying posts and trees on the floor, floods, accessible access roads, and a complete island without electricity. This catastrophe caused chaos in places of provisions and survival needs. Marked everyone’s life.

After the passage of the catastrophe on the island, thirty -one thousand six hundred people lost their employment, according to the Secretary of the Department of Labor. There are approximately twenty -five thousand people less with work on the island. This cup causes the percentage of work on the island after the hurricane, is the lowest in the last 27 years. Compared to the month of October 2016, there was a loss of around fifty thousand eight hundred employees employees. The online newspaper Metro, published on November 17, 2017, statistics on unemployment as a result and as a consequence of the passage of Hurricane Maria.

However, Hurricane Maria has not been the only natural disaster with such magnitude. On August 8, 1899, Hurricane San Ciriaco passed through the island. Both whipped the island during the dawn of the day and crossed the island diagonally. Like Hurricane Maria, Hurricane San Ciriaco devastated the island’s crops. Also, taxes were removed by the Government for a period of time. Regarding supplies distribution, the delay in distribution for San Ciriaco was due to demand for a higher salary from distributors.

In terms of deaths registered by catastrophes, there is a big difference between the two. After San Ciriaco, 3, 369 deaths were recorded due to the passage of the hurricane. Meanwhile, after Maria, 64 deaths associated with cyclone were recorded. These figures place Hurricane San Ciriaco as the first storm with more damage caused, followed by Hurricane Maria. (Newspaper El Nuevo Día, December 17, 2017).

As for politics, it is impossible not to mention the existing similarities. In 1899, the economy of the island was descent due to the fall of the industry and the coffee market;And the country was controlled by the United States military government. In the present, the island is controlled by a Fiscal Control Board imposed by the United States for better money administration and a possible solution to the economic crisis facing the country.

On the positive side, fourteen days after the hurricane, most basic services were available for citizens. A ninety -two percent of the hospitals had already opened;Very important for all people who suffered damage, whether physical or mental. Federal airports and ports were already open, many of which were used primarily by people with health problems or in need of some treatment and for the arrival of supplies and aid.

As is seen in the summary, more than 13,000 federal employees were already on the island, after two weeks after the catastrophe. Under these fall the military, FEMA, TSA, IRS, among others. The FEMA Government Agency published on October 4, 2017, a logistics summary for Hurricane Maria.

Education and crime are two issues of great controversy in the country. The fact that about five hundred schools have been closed by the Government and have a closing more agenda;It will encourage the increase in crime, since there will be more young people without study, who will be dedicated to stealing, assaulting, and in some cases, killing. Every year crime increases even more on the island. Until the end of February 2018, there have been twenty -five murders than for the same date in 2017. (Puerto Rico Police, March 16, 2018).

The governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rosselló Nevárez, announced at a press conference in 2018, that “charter” schools will be added, which cover a more extensive area in terms of students’ inscriptions and added that, “it is important to emphasize that the reformIt will have many other programmatic components and commitments: it will induce to establish a bilingual model, prioritizing science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics and research.”(Newspaper El Nuevo Día, February 5, 2018).


It is possible to deduce that, as a people, we do not know how to solve the problems that are presented to us. Puerto Rico suffers and bleeds frightening. While the government continues to divide the country by ideologies instead of working for the good of citizens, the future of Puerto Rico will continue in a decadent spiral. We will have a society without studies, where emigration will be the agenda. It is time for the Puerto Rican to make that, if we do not make a change, as a town, the future of Puerto Rico looks opaque and with little hope. We must work together to find the light of the solution at the end of the tunnel. 


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