The Skinny Basketball Player, Short Story

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The skinny basketball player, short story


Gustavo was the tall and skinny boy who did not seem very strong for that context. But he played basket (hence his height) and seemed to be much younger for his age, especially with that sweet smile he had. He also liked Baseball and he was a fan of the Lions of Caracas. Of course, being of the navigators of the Magallanes, the jokes when a team won the other they did not wait. When Magallanes won the championship to Caracas in his first final, he was the first to congratulate me.


Great admirer of Michael Jordan and that great generation of Chicago Bulls. I remember once when that game of our Portland heroes, when a player from our selection, gave several plugs or blocks to several American team stars. I enjoy it as if he was there on the court with our boys. He lived from the basketball as only he liked.

He was not very good for studies, much less for exhibitions, but when he was in trouble with some subject, he struggled to pass. If not, he met with the brains or nerds of the room. But he did with those who helped him in the studies. He paid that, with some physical activity. To me once, to return the favor for a mathematics exam where I helped you study, the next day I spend the whole afternoon with me, helping me to dominate the basketball ball when bouncing it, which was for my difficult time at that time. Grateful like him ever.

We graduate from Bachelors, but Gustavo despite that, I have a matter. I don’t remember what he was, I just remember that he did not receive a title with us until the following year. Complete change. He rarely managed to have a conversation with someone from us. He began to dress completely black, which with his white skin color, dark circles and more and more skinny, he looked like a ghost. I didn’t see it anymore until that day. I was at the university and I seemed to see him, with his black suit among several people heading to the dining room, then in the library. And where it seemed to see him, he disappeared among the people.


The next day, on a visit that I made to the Lyceum after leaving the University early, I find several former teammates on the road. I couldn’t believe what they told me. Gustavo, two days ago, woke up as always, did his normal activities of his house and in the afternoon under the court to play with his friends of the building. In a pause he told his playmates that he was going to go to his house to drink water. A few minutes later I attract attention to everyone when they saw him sitting on the beam that stood out from the vacuum of the building and that gave his room window on the 6th floor. He smiled with his usual smile to all and without saying words, he rushed into the void.

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