The Sistine Chapel And Its Hidden Messages

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The Sistine Chapel and its hidden messages


The Sistine Chapel and its hidden messages. The Sistine Chapel, one of the most outstanding works of Renaissance architecture is part of the buildings that make up the Apostolic Palace of the Vatican City. Receives the visit of thousands of people a year who come to tour and impress themselves to their masterful design. An unprecedented work of art. But if there is something that makes this architectural work majestic are the frescoes located in the dome and interiors of the enclosure, the work of the outstanding Italian artist Miguel Ángel Buonarroti. 


For many years scholars in the painter’s art, they have decided to see beyond the observer’s eyes about what Miguel Ángel wanted to leave in each of his engravings. Everything leads us to think that there are hidden messages in their paintings in this way by a very clear message to the church of that time: man can become a superior force because God has endowed it with intelligence.

The commission

For desires and orders of Pope Julio II, it was decided that Michelangelo was in charge of carrying out the work. Already for the time Miguel Ángel was an artist recognized for having carved the David and his prestige led him to be partially released when doing the job. Miguel Ángel took 4 years to paint the vault.

Confrontation with the Church

The wishes of Pope Julius II for exalting his power in the paintings as a great pontiff led to clashes and discrepancies between the Church and the artist. As a way to express its disagreement Miguel Ángel seems to have left exposed within the frescoes of the Sistine Chapel some hidden messages that show their discomfort and is considered an act of rebellion.

Hidden messages

There are many art critics and critics who have investigated the hidden messages found in the Sistine Chapel. Most of them have to do with Miguel Ángel’s frescoes.  

In one of the scenes in the frescoes of the dome the creation appears where God creates Adam (it is the moment just after). God is involved in a dome surrounded by angels. The resemblance of that mantle is striking to put it so wraps to God with the cut of one of the hemispheres of the human brain leaving with this a very clear message to the church’s hierarchies: God endowed man with a superior power and it isIntelligence.

This is no accident, since Michelangelo was always a scholar of human anatomy and secretly led many practices of corpse dissection considered true acts of heresy for the time he lived. Another of the scenes related to human anatomy are in the neck of God where it is a clear reflection of the spinal cord and brain stem giving signs that through spirituality that communication between man and divine power is reached.      

Another of the hidden messages that the Sistine Chapel leaves us is that Miguel Ángel himself is self-portrayed when using his face on the scene of Deollado Bartolomé. The sample leaves us a message of confusion that may be related to their way of feeling wanting to express a crisis of faith and in turn the desire to enter the kingdom of heaven as a martyr.


The final judgment scene is painted in a way that gives the feeling that the figure of God leans over the spectators giving the artist a clear message that is the divine power only the one that infuses respect and admiration on men on earth and not theof the church hierarchs or the papados. Miguel Ángel’s nudes in the dome of the Sistine Chapel were the cause of complaints;One of these complaints came from the Pope’s master of ceremonies, Biagio da Cesena. Miguel Ángel portrayed him inside the scenes he painted as Minos, Judge of Hell. A sample of rebellion towards the lack of knowledge, criticism of the author’s style and the greatness of his work.

Miguel Ángel made us very clear in his paintings the scope and ingenuity as a painter to lift such a work of art considered one of the most prominent of western rebirth and culture. But his true message is for us to understand the future generations that the power of the Church will never be above the divine power.

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