The Silence And The Duty Essential Rule In Development Of Consciousness

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The silence and the duty essential rule in development of consciousness

The degree of secret teacher or 4th grade of the Freemasonry of the old and accepted Scottish rite is the first of the so -called ineffable degrees, and constitutes the starting point within the study of Masonic philosophy, allows us to advance in the interpretation of the symbolism ofThe three degrees of the blue lodges.

In the salary increase ceremony to the House of Perfection we are instructed that: "Silence and duty are the rule of the Secret Master", its breach, if we are coherent, it will make us feel shame.

The silence is accompanied by the sign that is made by placing the index and heart fingers of the right hand on the mouth, which is answered in the same way, but with the left hand. The execution of this sign transmits great symbolism, involves the thumb forming a right angle;It symbolizes thought, represents our will and responsibility, is called your master finger, directs other fingers;The index is the symbol of the direction, of the road;represents authority and ambition;The finger of the heart represents the inner life, the control of feelings and their influence on the will.

The sign is executed with the right hand, which is then taken to the heart and responds with the left hand. According to Kabbalistic Interpretation: the left hand distributes justice while the right distributes mercy, since it is the hand that blesses, and the fingers of the hand reflect the ten sefirotes.

The sign represents an alliance, thought, will and direction subject to justice and mercy, are joined in view of all and at the same time hide.

Expanding a little more in the interpretation of the symbolism that embodies silence, there is a hermeneutical study of Aquas de Aquinas "The Angelic Doctor", where he speaks to us through the figure of an angel about the first creative moment: “He says that,Before our birth, there is an angel, who supports one of his fingers, the specific index, on our lips that are still formed, without still stained by the words, and tells us in the ear, very slowly and short: «Calla, don’t say what you know ». This will be our guardian angel.

From this forced silence, from which we warn the world without remembering anything from where we come from, there is nothing left but a physical witness in our newborn body, as a kind of reminiscence, are lips, a slit left by the mark where theAngel posed his index finger, in each of us, where this cleft widens or narrows himself, shorten or lengthens, but in all equally. For thousands of years this same gesture has been repeated and has manifested in the midst of a great silence.

Ontological reminiscence that uses a beautiful allegory, which without entering into theological or religious issues transmit a great symbolism to reinterpret or resignify the value and transcendence of silence.

As an indelible brand in the body and soul, silence becomes the protection shield: we can only talk about what we already know, even if we do not know it. At this time the meaning of duty takes value, to improve our knowledge, cultivate our virtues, otherwise we would be assuming loads that we cannot carry. That is why we must take care of the lightness of our words and therefore of our actions.

All human beings participate in this "angelic initiation" is our duty to make sense, lead it inland, follow the path of the search for truth with the desire to achieve perfection, represented in the word loss. Order corporeal things with the spiritual and transcendent nature;Recognize the interdependence of beings, diversities and inequalities that show us that no one is enough for itself and that life manifests itself in dependent existence to complement and mutually serve some of Notros.

This is how the human mind reveals the symbolic and integrates with philosophical knowledge, the own duality of the human being, dualism represented between the revelation of the unconscious to the conscious, among the involuntary processes with the voluntary processes, betweenSaying and silence.

Internalize the sense of silence and the value of duty requires continuing with our receptive attitude, showing our fraternal spirit in the face of the work of others and accepting with humility the criticism that we can receive close to our work. Observation and reflection leads us to discover the value of consciousness. Silence will always go in front of us anticipating the way.

Awakening our consciousness, it constitutes the essential foundation to direct our lives and our work as Masons;Consciousness is the product of the raw stone polish.

Consciousness is beyond the information obtained by our perception allowing us to identify everything around us. It is mediated by a deep analysis through the discursive faculties of the human being endowed with reason. It allows us to comply with one of the duties "Respect all opinions, but do not declare them fair more than if they are from the deep exam to which you will have submitted them for themselves".

Consciousness is “to be able to realize those situations that surround us thanks to the information collection work carried out by the senses (perception);It is to be able to realize the influence that these external situations or circumstances printed in our life (association);It is to be able to realize that such circumstances can also be modified and overcome the fatality of being subject to such circumstances, since nothing has an absolute character (genius or ingenuity);It is to be able to realize that from everything mentioned above, of its comparison and evaluation to be able to establish or understand the functioning of the laws of cause and effect in order to be able from it, and to modify the external circumstances.

The previous contextual characteristics of the development of consciousness are philosophically analyzed by Hegel, who considers that the conscience of the human being is divided into two elements, the consciousness itself and the consciousness for itself. The first refers to an intrinsic issue where there is a relationship between the human being and its interior, therefore it is subjective and personal;This consciousness consists of sensitive certainty, that is, what we perceive through the senses, which every human being retains it and interprets it differently depending on the experience he has acquired. The important thing about this term is the awareness of being, when the individual is aware of who is in the world and what is destined to be;In addition to having clarity in the difference between oneself and others, being aware that all humans are different.

On the other hand there is consciousness for itself, which involves a relationship between self-consciousness with external elements that can modify our experience and our conception of the world, in which religion, philosophy and art are found, levels thatThey are of the utmost importance for the development of the human being.

The mastery of this degree is to say and shut up in consciousness, establish the limits of reason, since there are paths of reason that the heart does not understand “or vice versa;Here is the essence of silence and duty;Consequently, the range of possibilities in which we can seek the truth is wide and that provide us with the possibility of finding "the lost word".  

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