The Shackle Of An Elephant, His Moral

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The shackle of an elephant, his moral

The elephant shackle clarifies the mental barriers that we can have to get stuck to something, when we can do much more to fulfill what we want (our dreams).

A child visits with his father the place where the elephant of a circus is located, and does not understand why he remains there only subject to a rope tied to a small stake and a shackle in one of his legs. Something that could easily break its strength. A worker explains that it is because the animal learned as a child and still had little strength, that he could not let go and stayed with that idea. That cannot move when it is tied to that stake.

The elephant shackle is a story that educates us about the barriers that and the changes of our ideology, attitude and actions we should do to achieve what we want. We must break those shackles and remain firm going through all the evidence that puts us on the road and one day get to fulfill that dream of which we fight so much. Like that elephant we all sometimes cling to something in this life but from this story we learn that it is only something mental, we must break it, and from there we will learn from that same error by staying clinging to something.

We must learn that although there is that wall that separates us from our dreams, it is the greatest that has existed, we can climb on it, because everything wall, however it is an end, you just have to take the first step.

If it would titled ¨ the humiliating shackle ¨, because?, Because of the fact that many human beings frustrate ourselves before this reproaching that we cannot move forward and we cannot be successful people is where we humiliate ourselves so that we decided to live all of failure.

Albert Einstein said: "So something happens first you have to do something".

The elephant shackle is a book of self-improvement and self-help person who tells the moments of people like us, who broke barriers and achieve our dreams.

The book refers to the mental self-limitation or barriers that we people give up avoiding and limiting our self-development.

This book tells us that thought is the greatest attitude is positive or negative, since it controls our actions to surrender or move on.

It seemed incredible, shocking that educates us once again about our mental limitations, the book is written in a clear, simple and direct language.

The elephant shackle is a story that motivates us as young to break our own shackle.

The author says that the difference enters a successful person and the failure is that the successful ones are willing to do those who mediocre do not want to try for fear of failing .

This book is full of advice on how to get ahead despite the difficulties, putting in the first place, "take the first step¨.

It is based on the "shackles" that each human being carries within himself. That is why Rodrigo Dávila Soley gives us as an example real stories of great characters that broke their shackles and being successful people. Living examples to follow us depend attitudes and thought, decisions and actions to achieve positive changes, according to this having a positive development in turn, living an extraordinary experience

It reflects the different barriers that the human being imposes mentally, that through them, many people decide Failure because we believe that "I only have problems that do not allow me to move on" while every human being has a minimal problem to overcome.

It is the message that the text leaves our own shackle and that is how we can get ahead and be successful people and grow in myself and put them as an example the shackles that are strong again to achieve success and renounce what Many people stop us not to achieve success and stay like them.

I like the work since it gives us a positive approach to move forward and continue to todge our dreams weigh the difficulties that are, we must always break the shackles that tied us not to move on for it one of the elements that I like most was the History about the young man who broke his own grillete 

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