The Sexual Abuse Of A Student, The Vision Of Teachers

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The sexual abuse of a student, the Vision of Teachers

What is the role of the teacher before sexual abuse? 

As we know after home the school is the place where students spend the longest and that is why the school becomes a fundamental part of the detection and prevention of sexual abuse. For example, if a teacher sees that a student comes from a dysfunctional family where the family does not have the ability to detect a problem with the child, the teacher is essential to detect it and act on what is happening. For this it is important that all teachers have knowledge and know how to talk about sex education. 

Sexual abuse is a very frequent problem to what we know or imagine and unfortunately it is a phenomenon that remains hidden either by fear or manipulation. We know that sexual abuse is a problem that cannot be treated only by the teacher, but also need several actors, that is why it is necessary that teachers are trained and those who are in charge of giving sex education do not put him Taboo to many things to think that students are doing and undoing what they learn, on the contrary you have to teach them that their bodies have different functions and that there are parts that are private and that only they have access to them, that is why it is important sex education because it allows children to identify when they are being abused and alert about it. 

On the other hand, sexual abuse can also occur in educational centers, which is why we must be attentive to rumors or secrets and investigate it and act immediately. How can the school stop this situation? 

  • Carrying out primary prevention activities with children and their families. 
  • Identifying cases of abuse. 
  • Carrying out preliminary interventions in the situations detected, through the cabinet or of sensitive and trained teachers to address the subject. 
  • Deriving and/or denouncing cases of abuse to relevant organisms.


How can schools fight sexual abuse? 

The first step is to determine a clear policy about the fight against sexual abuse, communicate that policy to all personnel, parents and students and make them strictly. Effective policies are to clarify and specify claim procedures that informs students, parents and employees of the school where to submit formal and informal complaints and thus be able to investigate more quickly and giving the opportunity for witnesses and evidence. These policies must have provisions that protect the victim’s confidentiality, each complainant must be treated with all seriousness and written, in the event that the school does not have trained personnel to address the cases, it must be sought or mostly hired. 

For a long time it has been believed that sexual abuse is only anal or vaginal penetration, however sexual abuse about the child may include other behaviors considered as sexual abuse. According to Sánchez (2005), there are 3 types:

  •  First level: it is the proposition of sexual activities, public or private exhibitionism and the exposure of pornographic images made by a person older than a minor. 
  •  Second level: sexual palpations with or without reciprocity, genital or anal friction without penetration among a minor with an older person.
  • Third level: anal or vaginal penetration, between a minor and a person older than him or her. 


How to identify when a child is abused? 

Abuse is not always something that leaves traces with the naked eye, however if it leaves marks in the behaviors presented by the child as they are: 

  • Low school performance and concentration difficulties. 
  • Constant depression and/or the presence of self-agreacreasive behaviors or suicidal ideas. 
  • Aggressiveness and violence with colleagues, especially with the little ones. 
  • The evasive and/or defensive attitude towards adults. 
  • Persistent and inappropriate sexualized attitudes and games for age. 


These are signs that should immediately alert a teacher and the teacher when seeing this should approach and inquire about what happens, since many times students see the teacher as a person in whom they can trust and take refuge and in these cases it is indispensable listening carefully to children and above all believe in every word they say, not to blame them for anything, investigate, consult with professionals and above all resort to the authorities. As teachers we must know that there are laws that protect the children from abuse and support when taking any measure that concerns and forces States to adopt all legislative, administrative, social and educational measures to protect children Against all forms of abuse by parents, legal representatives or anyone who is in charge. 

The complaint can be made indistinctly at the police station closer to the home of the minor or the school, after these institutions will be responsible for deriving that information to the Public Ministry, through its local prosecution, which must order the investigation of The facts denounced. The prosecution can also be personally attended to make the complaint. It is likely that after the complaint, cooperation of the educational community is requested in clarifying certain facts, as witnesses, this implies that the school must take the measures that facilitate the participation of teachers, managers and any person cited by the Prosecutor’s Office to contribute are his testimony. 

As teachers we have in our hands the responsibility of taking care of our students’ survival are large or small, they all need our support, so if at any time we come to see alerts that a student is going through or has gone through sexual abuse we do not doubt In doing something, they are helpless human beings who are in the hands of adults from whom they expect good care. So as teachers we should be informed of the indications that can give us and be as trained as possible on the subject, since it is not something new and it is an issue that covers us all and as people in charge of them the minimum that we can To do is help them.

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