The Secret Of Professionalism

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The word profession comes from action and effect, which its function is the trade or employment to gain a good support. The profession has a function and is used by man as an economic livelihood. The profession is subject to employment or occupation. This term will always be linked to the individual who will be layers of performing his functions and activities of a job.

It is incredible that the current professions are in a complex modernization, there are social demands that demand the degree of experience of the individual, since it is not the same to have needs than desire, because demands are the needs or desires for which peopleIt is willing to pay, therefore, a profession is an institutionalized response to a social demand.


Characteristics of modern professions

It is the basis of knowledge. The professions have a constitution with a formal knowledge base an example, the neighbor can diagnose typhoid fever as well as the surgery expert, but the neighbor can be wrong. A professional manages knowledge in conditions of uncertainty and this is the main advantage of knowledge. Knowledge is not just information, it is being organized, articulated with a social interest. What professionalism does is administer knowledge, not information, for that there are those entities that are cultural institutions such as university, which create, preserve and transmit knowledge.

Knowledge is power, but that power would not help as long as it does not become a legitimate authority. The law prevents anyone from having a necessary knowledge of exercising tasks and actions that is part of the individual’s profession. With this we could have the possibility of forming corporations to defend our knowledge.

Professional ethics

Most professionals work in their work either in companies and institutions that are assigned. Professionalism today usually proves more for what its competence has specialized for what has an ethical commitment. But competitiveness was not enough in the profession. Ethics benefits us in professional services that contributes good strengthening in our profession. An ethic in the professions is about this at a moral conscience for our generation of making speeches that have a good context with good information in guiding how to be good professionals and capable of performing in their field of work.

  • Being a professional does not consist of being a rational and free person who has skills, but has the way of doing things well.
  • Professional ethics has several recognitions in values such as freedom, equality, solidarity, respect, etc.


In today’s society the work of a professional has a permanent source of failures and threats and are exploited, that is an important element in personal identity, of responsible citizenship. Each profession has an environment and ethics has to be considered, in general terms they are exposed in three fundamental parts. In addition the salary has economic conditions that is a fundamental part of our profession. If they work for a public service, you have to undergo the limitations of the organization and in companies this is subject to making the economic increase possible and benefiting from this. 

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