The Secret Language Of The Body

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The secret language of the body

To begin. It is a type of nonverbal communication, and serves to express feelings, moods, etc.

According to the author of the book, the secret language of the body, Milton Cameron, the territory is the place that a person appropriates by placing personal objects in him. We can add that the territory is the place that a person occupies, regardless of the above.

Edward Hall, an American anthropologist, was the first to admit that the human being moved in four different areas in space. Knowing how to know these zones is very important to live in a society with values.

“Do not respect the areas can entail distrust in our interlocutors, followed by rejection, in addition to exposing ourselves to judgments regarding our way of behaving by the similar.”(Cameron, 2012: 10)

The first of the four areas mentioned is the intimate zone, it is the territory that is closest to the body, it is an extension. According to the author of the book is what some call Aura. It is an area belonging to us and that accompanies us where we are going. It is a kind of protection of others, and it can be harder than we imagine. However, a person can feel invaded when we approach to talk or relate and can feel symptoms such as increased heart rate, blood pressure or maintain a defensive body attitude, that is, put gestures like the arm in front of the chest;Or, on the contrary, you can present an offensive position, with an attack position.

The second zone is the one called private or personal, although this is not intimate as the atrior, it also has great personal use. It is the space that must be left between oneself and other people. In the author’s opinion, Cameron, is also the area or distance left by the interlocutors with co -workers, neighbors, friends of friends, and with the people of daily life, but with whom you do not have so much confidence.

The third is the social zone, which is nothing more than the union of the two previous areas, and the distance that should be left with unknown people, such as with people who ask for some directions, people who are in the tail of the supermarket. However, if that first contact is satisfactory, it is gradually reduced until we approach the private or personal zone.

And, last but not least, we have the public area, which goes beyond the social zone, and is the one that leaves a speaker when he addresses a group of listeners, such as teachers, although these prefer to use thesocial zone to create a synergetic effect between both subjects. 

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