The Search For Truth Through Social Networks

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The search for truth through social networks


Social networks are communication platforms that, even. These networks begin to appear around 2000 and achieve great massification between 2006 and 2008. Currently, they are almost instantaneous means of dissemination in which anyone can participate by delivering specific data or facts.

The term "truth" according to the SAR has several meanings, but in this case those that will be used most in the context of the topic to be discussed are: "judgment or proposition that cannot be denyed rationally" and "truth of truthful" quality ".

In this essay the reasons for why and how social networks contribute to the search for truth will be analyzed.


Today when we see a news it is very likely that most of the information that is there belong to amateur journalists, this means, citizens who were at the scene and decided to document what was happening. For this reason, social networks have become one of the main sources of information for professional journalists, since these can use visual support, real testimonies or data that have been provided by these "informants". This joint participation is possible thanks to the great diffusion and instantaneity that social networks have, since practically, the news is updated as new events occur. "A study conducted in 2013 by the Tow Center of the University of Columbia verified that the main international news chains and their websites used an average of 11 daily contents from amateurs sources outside the writing" (Velázquez, 2016).

However, many times the same fact that the information is mostly delivered by the users of these networks, and thanks to the multiple tools with which you can easily create and modify digital content, the “fake news” is born, it issay, the dissemination of false information. This is very dangerous, since it not only reaches the public that seeks entertainment and that is more capable of discerning between the false and the true, but also reaches spectators who are prevented from that, modified their judgment by false news that they are looking for justlymisinform. An example of this is the embankment or anti -vacuum movements that manage to propagate misinformation and that causes serious consequences.

Under the context of fake news, the fact that a large part of the noticas that are not truthful are influenced by other postures or dominant thoughts is discussion. This is something that occurs more normally than it is believed, since many people adapt their views according to what the dough says only for fear of being isolated. “The dictates of what is carried in the field of ideas are so powerful that they end up crystallizing in a political correction structure;In a "dominant mentality" that marks the patterns of what "to do, say or think" (as cited in Meseguer, 2016, p. 20-21).

In addition to the above, in other cases it can be influenced by the personal experiences of the issuer, and therefore it should be emphasized that it is not the same "information" as "truth", since the first concept, according to the SAR, refersto “communication or acquisition of knowledge that allow expanding or specifying those that are possessed on a given subject.”However, they do not necessarily have truthfulness. Something very similar was exposed by Meseguer "the concrete reality of the observer – his personal experience – does not change the truth of things, but does dye with his own tones the way he is perceived" (Meseguer, 2016, p. 29).

As noted above, false news has even more important repercussions, since official informative media use a high number of content from social networks. This is why, due to the immensity variety of audiences and the content that it shares, social networks are not tools that must be used as a reliable source to find out about truths in its entirety.

Therefore, the two most relevant negative aspects that social networks have are mainly that the truth can be influenced by more dominant views or by experiences of the same issuer, and that there is a lot of false information circulating in these.

Despite everything said above, social networks continue to have a very important point and that makes them a great contribution to society and for the search for truth. They are commonly used tools in the resolution of crimes or police cases and achieve this taking advantage of some shortcomings of these platforms, such as the ability to act under anonymity.

Product of the fingerprint that each individual leaves when using the Internet, these platforms allow to obtain a significant number of clues to solve crimes. According to a study conducted to 1221 professionals in charge of compliance with laws in the United States, "67% ensure that crimes are resolved faster through the use of social networks" (S/A, 2012). In addition to this, 4 out of 5 police officers use these tools as help to solve crimes, either through the creation of false profiles, the inquiry of the most professional tracking profiles or forms (Kelly, 2012).


Finally, social networks are tools that allow a lot of people to provide diverse information, being able to be both false and true and it is important to have a critical eye when it comes to considering it for any use. "Critical sense leads us to pay attention to reality, which is the ultimate reference with which to contrast the truth or falsehood of the statements" (Meseguer, 2016, p. 28). However, they do contribute to the search for truth, since, if users are in the constant search for any, they will be able to find sources in social networks that provide information of their interest and help them define more theirjudgment, being also possible to identify much more easily the path by which it could be investigated to eventually reach a truth. 

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