The Search For Truth In The Individual

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The search for truth in the individual

The truth is what is truthful for everyone, when you have the ability to base and prove that what is said has no other way of being but that way, is something that has existence and is totally authentic, at leastFor those who say that truth, but if you look at this way there are many foundations and evidence of different topics that proclaim that they have the absolute truth about something, but the truth does not have a single person or is a simple and only theory because eachone of human beings could have their truth and not be equal to that of another but it would continue to be true for him .

Throughout history, human beings have made many questions about us, our existence and everything that surrounds us, man is eternally linked to asking transcendental questions to find answers, but this fact occurs because we feel the needTo know and know what the truth is, we are curious about the unknown and for everything we contemplate by the simple fact of being men of reason and that is why we open a path to know our own truth.

Reference to the search for truth according to some thinkers where different thoughts “Socrates are the great dialogue, the indefatigable spirit and convinced that the discovery of truth can only be achieved through mutual delivery, a total opening, a total opening, a total opening, ahonest predisposition to hug her where she is. In Socrates we found the principle according to which ‘people speaking are understood’ this thinker did not seek to simply impose his truth if not through his socratic method he sought that people listen, talk and be willing to embrace their knowledge through a path,He intended to help people find this path without any coercion to get the truth out of their background. On the other hand, Plato who despite being a disciple of Socrates some time later seeksWe must impose on the ‘wicked and atheists’ Plato put aside the thought that Socrates had and decides to impose his truth through other means, this situation of Socrates and Plato shows two types of search and teaching of truth and reflect thatDespite the teachings of the right or true, each one has how to implement it, whether good or correct for him and bad or harmful to others.

The search for truth enters into an area of the relative as mentioned by clinical psychologists Ibáñez and Jiménez “each individual perceives reality according to their conditions, which are forged through their experience, their education, their culture, their particular idiosyncrasy. These conditions give rise to a subjective perception, to a distorted interpretation of reality. This is the usual."  

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