The Sculpture And Its Two -Dimensional Or Three -Dimensional Representation

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The sculpture and its two -dimensional or three -dimensional representation

The sculpture is a representation of art that occurs in two -dimensional or three -dimensional form that consists of carving or sculpting any material that is moldable or can be carved and that provides conditions to create an artistic work with a respective volume and space. Sculpture is a word that comes from the Latin "sculpter" that means sculpting and that since its inception is part of the most beautiful and detailed expression that man devised, since through this you can manifest feelings, ideas, cultures andEven love, which are reflected in the visual communication language.

The history of the sculpture goes back from prehistoric civilizations and even today is still expanding and is extremely interesting as they are still using tools, forms and styles that were used in the past. According to history, indirectly part of the sculpture begins as survival, since the construction of objects based on other elements was given, such as stone, with which the first human tools were manufactured and little by little it was evolving. The need for expression of the human being is what makes sculpture be born, as a way of expressing tastes and feelings and even in its beginnings, it was of the utmost importance in magical or worship rites, given the importance of having an image as a reference.

The sculpture throughout history did not always have the same meaning, this, was varying according to the times and according to the environment that occurred in social, political, religious or even economic aspects, however, when the avant -garde emerged, a transcendental change began, since at that time the essence of art itself arose and there was no longer the fact that a sculpture was beautiful or in bad taste for someone, what really mattered was to seek the essence and the meaning of the work.

There are several types of sculptures and can be classified as follows: the reliefs are the carved sculptures from a bottom or attached to it, its shape can be exempt or round bulk. Generally, this classification is subdivided into: Altorrelieve if more than half of the figure stands out from the plane, bas -relief less than half, mediorileve half, and huecorrelieve when, instead of exceling, it refuses in the plane (history, concepts and techniquesOf sculpture, s.F). Another classification of sculpture is the statue which represents a three -dimensional specific entity and on the other hand, the bust, which are sculptures of the head and the upper part of the thorax that are normally represented by portraits. The torsos, which is another classification, represent the headless human body or arms or legs.

Architectural sculpture is a term that refers to the use of sculpture in the hands of architects and sculptors in designs and constructions of buildings, bridges, mausoleums or any other monument. It is called Embutidated sculpture to any statue placed in an architectural work, which are very common to see in historical buildings around the world.

Finally, within the sculptural works that have most marked the story we can mention the David that is one of the most renowned works and that was created by Miguel Ángel in 1504, it is a renantist sculpture created as a reference of the biblical history ofDavid and Goliat. Impossible it is not to also name the Venus of Milo which was sculpted in ancient Greece around 100 to.C and shows Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, which is a figure of the most representative of Greek sculpture. 

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