The Science Of Sociology, Definition And Fundamentals In Education

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This argumentative essay aims to translate the definition, characteristics and main foundations that make up the sociology of education, society and education have been related since the beginning of civilization, since education to be allowed to generate human beings with capacities necessary intellectuals that have allowed the progress of society.

We are currently immersed in a world where the knowledge and globalization society has been revolutionizing the educational process, educational sociology is the discipline that has allowed us to understand the social behavior of the human being within the educational space.


Sociology is the science that has been in charge of studying how human beings relate through the laws that regulate society. From this, sociology develops several important disciplines such as educational sociology, which has contributed a number of guidelines in the educational field, Taberner (2005) mentions that “it is this science that helps determine the purposes of education that are consistent for the purposes of society and for which the reproduction of sociocultural guidelines is necessary ”(p.3. 4).

The object of study of the sociology of education is to be part of the formal instruction in its structure and see how through this the development of knowledge of the individual’s sociological and psychological nature is enhanced, that is, it focuses on the interaction of the problems that happen within educational praxis.

All these factors have allowed an educational expansion to occur, gradually the number of students within formal education has been increased allowing a social and cultural transformation within the educational field within the educational field.


It is concluded that they are part of a society, the sociology of education has been in charge of investigating the functions that education has in the constant interaction of social, economic, political and ideological factors that compose us as individuals.


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