The School: A Growth Opportunity

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The school: a growth opportunity


The school is the educational institution par excellence with the intention of educating, for equal opportunities and equity, and that fulfills the training, social, instructive and integrative functions, that is, helping the student to learn to live together, learn how to do , To learn, undertake, learn as a citizen, free, emancipated and critical in a democratic society. The new educational scenario in which we are currently, that is, in the 21st century it has different features influenced by others such as: globalization. The knowledge society. 


The panorama of the reconstruction of educational centers lack of democratic culture. Neoliberal educational policies. The questioning of modernity. Deocialized society (that is, with less values). Pluriethnic and multicultural society. These traits leave their mark, and are the so -called postmodernity traits applied to education, in order to understand its current context: we talk about the loss of faith in progress, pragmatism as a way of life and thought, indifference, also We talk about an exacerbated individualism, of extreme competitiveness.

Also the obsession with effectiveness, or even social conformism, according to Calatayud Salom, m. Amparo, the School of the Future. Additionally we talk about the involvement of the privatization of goods and services that also influence this context and especially the development of technologies. All this influences education in educational centers. Globalization: this is like a "everything", set of processes that determine today’s society. Also influenced by the privatization of resources and services. So we must give a cultural dimension of globalization, that is, to educate it to be fair to all.

Donate to each or the one who needs, attend to the children as their needs. In a globalized world there is multiculturalism; The reconversion of the school and it is also important to support the public school to alleviate the needs of these children. So you have to pay attention to the individual needs of children; give equality between these. For this, equitable policies are supported rather than competitive; In addition to supporting public school and against the free market and neoliberalism, since it prevents this. Each child is unique and unrepeatable, so you have to meet their needs and abilities. 

On public and private school: educational liberty is the option that parents choose an educational center or another for the education of their children, we have public school, accessible to every child without paying any fee, since it is a Public installation, of the government, but there are also private ones, in these, education becomes a merchandise, since it is priced like any object. In this, it is played with marketing, since there is competition from centers especially when enrolling students. These centers create offers for education that they will give, in addition to the concerted ones that also have this type of offers. 

The Knowledge Society, known as a society in which science has increased the capacity of society on the performance of it, its institutions and its relationship with the environment, there is also the learning society because of the way in which this society It evolves. The information society refer to that which its social system is based on new technologies, since it facilitates access to information, while the knowledge society takes this information and gives it a meaning, since it transforms this information into knowledge. 

Finally, the learning society refers to the one that once the information is taken and transmitted in the form of knowledge, learns to be able to interpret it with criteria and enriches it; This is more individual, not like the previous ones that are massive. Educational implications: Current education applies new technologies and applies them, in this way in some cases and thanks to these there would be no need for people involved to be in physical closeness. Create interactions between people without the need to share enclosure, only telematically. They also contribute the help of educational portals where teachers can present their projects or experiences about their specialty. 


In addition to access to all types of information that helps in our teaching. The school must teach this type of technological skills to take advantage of its advantages. The school is then responsible for publicizing the information, different skills and knowledge necessary. Educational centers are not the only ones that transmit culture, since new technologies give access to a great information dimension. So new demands are added in education such as: that the school is common, open for all without discrimination. Increased self-management in school institutions. Greater relationship of the school with the environment.

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