The San Andres Falla As A Possible Natural Disaster

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The San Andres Falla as a possible natural disaster


It seems very significant to talk about a topic of which almost nobody speaks in our community. But, on the other hand, when you get to touch the point, people do not know what it is or simply consider that what is seen in television movies or series is what could happen and nothing else. So what they see in these programs is what they know about the subject. Although many people are horrified when talking about this event or scares themselves with the idea of thinking that an earthquake could occur, they do not have enough promotion to take a device and seek information regarding this situation that, although it looks very distant in questionof time and distance is really something that could undoubtedly damage the entire world.

In the present work the issue of “the fault of San Andrés” will be addressed, but they will ask that this issue in the field of sustainable development has interesting. Well then, this and other issues will be addressed. For example, what experts about this national milestone think, what are the measures to prevent this event from happening and if not being able to avoid it, such as reducing the risks that could be presented to this situation and when it will occur.

It should be noted the importance of awareness about our present actions, which not only damage ourselves, but, over time, we have realized that they harm future generations. Hence the importance of caring for the environment that surrounds us, caring for and protecting animals, taking care of forests, recycling, not contaminating water and air, etc. All these actions will collaborate for the improvement of sustainable development and when a natural disaster (earthquake, earthquake or tsunami) that harm sustainable development we are prepared and we have a better world.


Thomas Jordán is the director of the California earthquake center;At a national earthquake conference that took place in Long Beach, he emphasized that the San Andrés fault is one of the most dangerous in California and said it is the longest in the state, I also mention that it is loaded and ready to generate a greatearthquake (Lin, 2019).

Which means that at any time in the California territory this failure could be unleashed in a catastrophic earthquake, which predicts with a magnitude of 8 degrees on the Richter scale. Jordan together with other scientists consider that due to the movement of the tectonic plates moving to the northwest, plates have been accumulated for every hundred years, which means that the fault of San Andrés has not softened the pressure that has been gathered for a century,For this reason this earthquake would be devastating.

Another important fact of this disaster would be the one that declared in this same conference the 2008 United States Geological Service in the Falla in South of San Andrés would cause more than 1.800 deaths, 50.000 wounded, 200.000 million dollars in serious and lasting damage and disturbances.

Seismic predictions

Some countries implement a certain type of earthquake prevention, known as "seismic information networks", which detects such earthquakes and thus try to minimize the risks produced by an earthquake. In these cases, immediate action is required by the authorities and it must be timely to act together with society and culture and thus prevent and manage the risk that corresponds to said emergency situation. Therefore, in Mexico the preventive actions of the national seismic network are:

Expand the coverage of the national seismological service with more broadband stations and with satellite communication systems. Implement a real -time seismic information system. Strengthen and modernize GRAPHIC ACCELERO NETWORK.  (Secretary of the Interior, 2019).

In some countries there are systems that serve to detect that an earthquake will occur, when it will occur, at what speed and the distance between where it was detected and where this phenomenon will occur. But, what is the objective and efficiency of this technology called seismic alert systems. This system does not act alone, once it has been detected that the event will occur, its efficiency depends on the relevant actions of capturing the earthquake, predicting the magnitude and above all inform the population at risk to take the necessary measuresTo avoid risks.

Seismic prevention

To minimize the damage caused by an earthquake, it is necessary to be prepared to act correctly, before the catastrophe, during and after. Some prevention measures are: reinforce the homes, hold furniture in a very resistant way so that in case there is an earthquake, these do not fall and cause damage to third parties, ensure the windows with some material so that the glass of these do not harmto people who could find themselves close to them. It is also important to store bottled liquids to consume them at least for three days. It is important to have communication with the neighbors and carry out drills, in addition to the fact that relationships with loved people, friends and family are necessary so that in case an earthquake occurs, they know how to meet and know where the location of the shelters.

Damage to the environment

The earthquakes in general cause an impact on the environment, since, by shaking the city, destroying trees and plants, as well as the collapse of buildings, houses and constructions, generates substances that damage the condition the air causing different typesFrom diseases to people, but also if we add to this that in many cities there is already too much pollution and expulsions of gases harmful to health, we would be talking about a serious problem for society. Also, it affects nature as plants and animals, causing trees not to generate more oxygen for the benefit of the environment and people.

All this would cause deterioration in the ozone layer, which would greatly affect sustainable development. Regarding the damage to animals, it is another factor that avoids proper development since it contributes to accelerate the extinction of some species causing a change in biodiversity, both of animals and of plants and trees. The modification in the soil form would cause a modification in the soil conditions for the use of harvest or planting.


It is important that society knows about the actions that must be performed in case a phenomenon of this magnitude occurs. The corresponding authorities have the responsibility and duty to disseminate truthful information to sensitize society about the risks that earthquakes can cause and must also carry out interventions to raise awareness among the population through a culture of prevention. Also, regulations embodied in media, social networks, etc. On the prevention of a natural disaster, specifically spread information about what to do in case of an earthquake, as well as publicemergency situation.

Unquestionably avoid a disaster of this magnitude, it is not available to our hands, but what we can do is be united to maximize the risks of this type of phenomena. In addition to this, it is worth noting the importance of caring for our planet, since, if a natural disaster happened our planet would be seriously affected, since it would damage several areas such as, for example: diseases would occur, there would be a shortage of water, the water would wearozone layer, would contribute to the extinction of some species and cause a poor air quality in our environment.


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