The Royal Family Monarchy

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The Royal Family Monarchy


The most important royal family in the world. In 1947 Queen Elizabeth II married the current Duke of Edinburgh who procreated the Prince of Wales, the Royal Princess, Andrés de York and Eduardo de Wessex. In turn, direct relatives happened thus taking different positions. It should also be mentioned that the symbolism that the British monarchy represents is of great importance because there is a social bond with the United Kingdom society. The British royal family is possibly the one that arouses a greater interest in the society of the 28 existing monarchies currently;even more the youngest members of royalty. 


According to BBC experts ‘’ Queen Isabel II’s family adapted to the world’s behavior changes. Everything, of course, with a good marketing aid, which made it a global brand ’for which means of transmission around the world are always the first to install their recording equipment around the palaces and castles. Hundreds of masses in different parts of the world stare the life of Isabel II, their children, their grandchildren and their great -grandchildren. I would like to make it clear that the monarchy has a cultural importance for the United Kingdom in history, castles, palaces, the jewels of the kings, etc. 

The above does not mean that the existence of a real family is necessary to find a cultural meaning, on the contrary the real family has an important roots within British families. The Queen is the organizer of charity and humanitarian aid programs, some of those who chairs directly get involved. If all the charitable programs that include a member of the royal family are added, the number ascends.  That is why currently, about 80% of the United Kingdom population is in favor of continuing to exist the constitutional monarchy, according to a survey disseminated by The Huffington Post, where only 13% responded that the royal house should be abolished. 

Another cause on the affection that the Royal Family receives is curiosity for members of the British Royal Family as individuals with their own personality, opinion and feelings, he says. And the relationships between them, the fact of being a family, also exercises fascination, with its high and emotional low. The monarchy has remained in the United Kingdom, because citizens have wanted it, and it is not time to erase it from a stroke, it is part of tourism and is what makes tourism profitable for the country thus favoring the development of the populationfrom United Kingdom


In short, the heritage built by Isabel II’s family, with historical elements that failed longevity and stability, and the luxury normally associated with royalty, with an image of fame and fortune embodied by its members. It must also be mentioned that the royal family as previously said was able to adapt well to contemporary consumerism. There are many different ways with which people get involved with it and definitely British society is in favor of the existence and popularity of the monarchy in the United Kingdom.

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