The Role Of Women In The Mexican Revolution

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The role of women in the Mexican Revolution


On November 20, 1910, the Mexican people won at war to overthrow the Government of Porfirio Díaz, who gathered all fertility in the capital, men and women alike went to arms to combat social injustice. In the case of women, the welders or Adelitas played a primary role in this armed movement and yet for many years they were relegated in the shadow of history, which focused on the male characters.

Therefore, it is important to note that during the years that the Mexican revolution lasted, those men who became illustrious to a greater or lesser extent and those that their name is not in any book, but fought to build a better nation, all the time were cured , fed and even defended by their women. Wives, sister mothers, lovers equally joined the cause to defend their men, but also to fight for their country and claim their rights as citizens of the same.


The Mexican Revolution is a difficult conflict to understand as Felipe Ávila and Pedro Salmerón point out, in the book Brief History of the Mexican Revolution (it should be noted that one cannot speak of a single Mexican revolution, but of several: the Maderista, the Maderista, the Maderista, the Maderista, the Maderista,the Zapatista, the Villista, the Constitutionalist, as well as numerous regional variants). In this sense, the invisibility of the welders was due to a macho and malinchist premise;that Mexican who prefers what comes from abroad to what was produced within the country. Being a woman and Mexican implies a double marginality, but also the disappearance is held.

Despite this, the action of these brave women, determined the woman as groundbreaking of the social schemes of the patriarchy. This was a female liberation that tended bridges towards democracy. A movement, which was not alien, but was crucial for her, and for many decades it seemed an isolated underworld. Also after the revolutionary period, the female suffrage would finally begin.

These brave women broke social schemes and took their compatriots to female liberation.

And despite this, at no time were they seen as victims of the contest, but as part of it, in which they acted from the resolution within their possibilities and knowledge;Well, many were illiterate. Despite that attitude of warriors, many had to look for other types of strategies to survive inside their side and to protect their honor.

A particular case was that of Carmen Serdán, wife of Francisco I. Madero, an important activist, who even after her husband was murdered never left the cause, but also involved. He gathered value and organized a revolutionary board to fight Victoriano Huerta;He fought with Carranza and supplied artillery to the soldiers. Huge fish packages, shoe boxes, vegetable baskets that hid homemade manufacturing grenades, gunpowder, assures Mexican historian Carmen Ramos Ramos Escandón in her book Carmen Serdán, a woman of her time, woman of her time.


Angela Jiménez, an explosive expert who always played life when manipulating those gadgets should also be remembered when he always played those gadgets. Without forgetting Amelia Robles, who really felt a gun, and when the war broke out, he did it with total naturalness and comfort. I had always felt predilection for horses and weapons. He used his sexual condition to freely fight battles that would make it stand out among Zapata’s men. Amelio, as presented obtained the rank of colonel.

Petra Herrera is another of the people who cooperated with Villa organizing and leading their armies. Subsequently his relationship with the leader tightened and separated forming an army of more than a thousand women. The leader was famous for making bridges jump. One of his most important glories was during the second battle of Torreón, to northern Mexico in 1914, in which he turned off the city’s lights so that everyone could enter. Thanks to her they obtained the victory, however Villa never recognized merit. 

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