The Role Of Women In Msme Exports

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The role of women in MSME exports


In this conference it was possible to analyze the way in which, at present, women present different roles in the workplace and business opportunity in trade.

Likewise, the role of a woman has been very relevant for a long time has even faced various obstacles because. But today change is already being seen to give women a deserved place, as women we must be recognized and valued by our abilities, skills.


Women contribute significantly in the economy in all countries, as entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and exporters. The empowerment of women today translates into an economical poor scheme, which to give women the same opportunities that men improve the competitiveness and productivity of a country, therefore, this generates, orwell impacts positively on the growth of the country.

The current moment we are living globally, in which women through empowerment want to open gaps for future generations of professional women, will be definitive in terms of gender equality. There are various sectors involved in the Mexican trade, they are great sources of employment for women. The WTO, works to build a more inclusive trade system in order to provide more women to participate in trade and take advantage of the economic benefits of world trade.

For the first time the WTO has supported a collective initiative to increase women’s participation in commerce. In order to help reach their full potential in the world economy. This should be clear that the role of women in trade impacts so positively that it generates these reactivation schemes. Promotion of labor practices that integrate and achieve the permanence of women in the labor market, and the creation of capacity and skills of working women. 

In Mexico, 47% of SME businesses are led by women and every 5 SMEs that open in Mexico, 3 are led by women. Women have gained spaces and recognition for their strength, contribution to the economy, talent, passion and creativity. So much so that there is a positive relationship between the financial performance of a company and women who occupy management positions, increase sales up to 42% and 66% the speed of intervened capital.


I can say that as women we have by law the same rights as men, however they do not make it valid as well as men, for the reason for being a woman we know or we can do less than men. But today there are more established laws that allow us to generate or participate in labor areas, in various jobs. 

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