The Role Of A Judge In One Case

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The role of a judge in one case


That guarantee other rights and guarantees such as efficiency for a good and solid administration of justice and real estate development in the Dominican Republic. Starting from this explanation, it is clear that legal certainty is a condition where all citizens in which they enjoy equal conditions and at any time of their relationship with a specific property. In short, it is necessary to maintain the criterion that, in the courts of the real estate jurisdiction.


The role of the judge in the assessment of the evidence must be extremely active, which must make use of technology through the information systems that have been incorporated into the real estate jurisdiction, in order to reach the truth, applying an administration ofGood and solid justice, as well as the concentration of law just. Finally, we consider that our Supreme Court of Justice must refer through jurisprudence.

On the content of the use of information systems in real estate jurisdiction, and not only in terms of the power of the judge to use or not those systems, but also that when these technological mechanisms are used by judges, theseThey are recorded in the sentence as the basis of your decision. In this way, the use of these information elements would be pointed out, and if accepted, it would contribute to the sentences being better motivated, with greater foundations. 

Which favors that there are good administration of justice. In any case, the court is called to decide on a evidence dependent on the test, which must analyze, study completely, and within that review is the validation of the veracity of the evidence, the importance and relevance that theevidence. These systems that are accessible to judges are absolutely critical to favor a good and solid administration of justice. 

Obviously, the judge must be fair, it is not about seeking evidence that favors a part, but about seeking the truth respecting constitutional principle. The judges have a particular capacity that arises from the neighborhood and the aptitude recognized by the Constitution of the Republic and the Law, which is why they are called to determine the legitimate issues that are raised in regard to any person, so they shouldbe allowed. To each of the procedural issues, which is related to the law.

However, for this, judges or officers must have precise learning of internal and external legal standards, since they must be connected for each situation of their judgment, as an important aspect of the inspiration that each of the one ofThe objectives or sentences must contain. The judges have a particular capacity that emerges from the area and the suitability perceived by the Constitution of the Republic and the law, which is why they are resolved to decide the genuine problems that arise in regard to any individual.


What they infer that each of the procedural issues are allowed, which is identified with the law;In any case, for this, judges or officials must have an exact knowledge of internal and external legal standards, since they must be associated for each circumstance of their judgment, as an important part of the motivation that each destination or thePrayers must contain. This follows that judges and magistrates have the obligation to motivate their decrees, cars and sentences.

Since of not doing so it results in their nullity;Therefore the function of the judge or magistrate must be assumed responsibly to crystallize a correct administration of justice. Therefore, it is transcendental to make a study of the most relevant and significant aspects carried out by the judges or magistrates in the Sacred Mission of Administration of Justice 

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