The Right To Live And Die

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We have the right to live, but what is life?, What is living? I understand how our own existence, at first it is difficultThat is why there is no distinction, we have the right to live for being people.

The document mentions it, and I could not agree more, the right to live does not need to be provided in a legal system, why? Life is not granted to people by another person, we have it because we exist, and from this derive all the rights we have, the human rights, fundamental or under the denomination with which they are known, all are related to this right.


Life is a gift, by touching the issue of abortion really entered into conflict for my beliefs, but above all, because the growth of our society is hindered, our own growth and the right of greater importance we have, when we are born we are part ofThe reason for living from our parents and brothers, when we grow our reason for living are themselves and, on some occasions we find other reasons to continue our lives, we do not come to the world to be as simple spectators, quite the opposite.

Do we have the right to death? Of course, it is part of the process. Carnelutti said that the judge who sentenced to death does not sentence death, because we are all;It only sets the date, it is evident that from the moment we get to the world we will have to die, we do not know when, but it will certainly happen, it can be short, medium or long term, since nobody knows with certainty what or how it will dieHow could we know? We simply cannot, it is not a faculty that we have as living beings.

We cannot deprive us of life, even if we have a terminal disease because this would be to go against everything that is known as part of the right to life, so we cannot deprive ourselves of life by our own will, becauseWe do not grant this right either.

Euthanasia has a doubtful legal validity, can we consider it as an adequate practice? In my opinion, no, the legal system does not consider it for the simple fact of not being able to be considered as an exclusive of responsibility, but also because it is only one step away from becoming cryptoculars, it is incredible as the practice of these can expandHis horizons, as in the case of Holland unlike other countries in which they are prohibited from being considered homicide.


The right to die is also a natural right, since life naturally ends, it is here where there is a violation of that right, with people who maintain an artificial life whose situations are irreversible, deprive them of their right to die. The human being is before anyone else, the one who has the right to decide on his health, when a disease is accompanied by Dolores, it is impossible to think that they will disappear completely, we are people who throughout our lives have experienced pain,For different reasons and as established by the author, Alberto Pacheco, is to go against nature to want to spend this life without suffering. Doctors must seek life, and not death, even those who are close to it, but which is not naturally.

Death is the end of life and our existence because we have fulfilled the reason we had to live, our goal here, but according to different religions or beliefs, because the time has come to start another life, if thatIt is the belief, in my case it is, no human being can have the life of another person and, much less of his death, we were allowed to live it and at the time that this is taken to us, it cannot be because ofwill of another, we have the right to die, it is part of the process of living, our death is inevitable, but being a natural process we cannot die by the disposition of another because our right would be violated.


  • Pacheco Escobedo, Alberto. Right to life;Right to death?. UNAM. Mexico.

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