The Right To Lie And To Be Enlightened

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The right to lie and to be enlightened

The illustration is a term that emerged during the first years of the 19th century; whose definition varies according to the field to which it is submitted, also allowed man to subtract historical fatality. In the text written by Kant he replies that being enlightened "is the departure of man from his guilty minority of age" highlighting the word minority as the "inability to fend for himself". Also Benjamín Constant – French philosopher – refutes that telling the truth is a duty, although what is a duty? The idea of ​​duty is inseparable from that of law, because where there are rights, the duty is forgotten. However, he considered that every man has the right to tell a truth without harming the other. 

In the two Kant texts, being enlightened from the determined and little naive perspective to trust human reason; Manifesting trust as the critical and public use of the purpose that purses from human relations and political tyrannies, religious superstitions and moral prejudices. Kant uses the accent in the use of the self-criticism to describe and how reason is built within the Enlightenment. Taking traits such as the minority, the private or public use of reason. 

The minority of age

It means the impossibility of serving itself without the help of the other, since the argument "oneself" is guilty of this impossibility when the cause of is not in the lack of understanding, but in the lack of decision. Giving it for motto "have the value of using your own understanding" to the Enlightenment; Naming the causes for which men belong to the minority of age throughout life, however, thanks to natural law we have freed ourselves from that, giving that being minors and having someone to "handle" Our life, there is no need to strive or think thanks to that tutors that are responsible for supervising and taking care that moving to the age of age is considered difficult, dangerous for those mortal sins such as sex.

Therefore, it is difficult for each individual to get out of the minority of age, because in one way or another we have flight so attached to this that it is difficult for us not to feel truly unable to serve their own understanding. Showing reason as something private and not public, for the Enlightenment is required, although it is limited of a free nature, typical of reason. In contrast, the citizen will not go against his duty, his reflections on how coexistence should be?"There is talk that priests are obliged to teach according to the symbol of the faith of the Church to which they serve as they have chosen that vocation under certain conditions. 

Now, to better clarify what is a minority of age? We will define it as the little value of using our understanding without subjecting another, Kant says that cowardice and laziness- previously mentioned- keep us in the minority of age. Giving great value to this concept in your article.

Kant knew that freedom should have some limit in certain circumstances such as the freedom to use reason, which therefore implies the freedom to discuss. Kant with his distinction between the public and private use of reason. Finalizing this text Kant assured that we did not live in an illustrated time,


This review has been based on showing Kant’s views. E on the Enlightenment, the minority of age and the public or private use of reason in the daily field, giving a slogan to be illustrated "dare to know" . Taking as a central point of the Enlightenment, namely how the man leaves the minority of age.



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