The Right And Its Existence In Society

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The right and its existence in society


The law is as old as man and his social life, because man is never only being called to live in society and this requires mutual respect among its members, to achieve this, the imposition of norms becomes necessary. For this reason, law influences man’s social life because it orders its behavior in order to achieve important social order for its development and improvement.

This essay exposes the definition of law, classification and examples of the same.



The concept of law today constitutes a broad aspect in terms of its understanding, the difficulty in obtaining a universal conceptualization of law is due to its cultural nature, and it depends on philosophical and sociological ideas, which increases its diversity. Luis María Olaso issues a synthetic definition of law:

"Law is the straight management of social relations, through a rational system of rules of conduct declared mandatory by the competent authority because they consider them fair solutions to the problems arising from historical reality". In this sense, the concept of law seeks harmony between human relations through a set of regulatory norms whose compliance is mandatory issued by authority, in order to achieve order, security, collective harmony, equality and the common good.

Roman jurists were the ones who established the existence of public law and private law. Public law is defined as the set of norms that regulates the relations in which the State intervenes endowed with the power to give orders on society. Public law are born, among others, for example:

  • Constitutional Law: Analysis of the fundamental laws defined by a State.
  • Administrative Law: Public Administration regulation.
  • Public International Law: set of norms, principles and rules that sprout from the international agreements concluded by the States.


The norms that govern individuals who have nothing to do with the State, that is, when it appears to an act with private legal personality, for example:

  • Civil Law: regulates legal relationships and transactions between people.
  • Commercial Law: It deals with everything related to trade;that is, everything that is sought to do business.
  • Private International Law: The State is not present, that is, a relationship only between individuals of various nationalities is governed.

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