The Richest Man In Babylon, Teachings Of The Book

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The richest man in Babylon, teachings of the book

Who is the richest man in Babylon?

The richest man in Babylon by George S. Clason The enrichment of our country can be carried out if we as citizens of this nation progress economically, in this essay we will talk about the personal conquest of each of us towards an imposed goal, that is to say of ours, achievements and goals made , as a result of sacrifices and skills, the key to success is in adequate and ideal preparation that is to say that our actions will be as instructed and judicious as our thoughts, and our thoughts will have a sense and knowledge according to erudition in the erudition in the that we form and especially the preparations we acquire throughout our lives.

In this book we learn that the portfolio of a rich man can be emptied very quickly depending on how his expenses are, the measure of wealth is not how much we have of reservation, if not our sources of income and all that will depend on our attitude and mentality, wealth can be achieved by means of 3 commandments as analyzed in the book.

At the beginning of the book there are 2 characters who decide to accumulate wealth and for this they ask for the advice of Arkad these were studio partners in Arkad’s youth and did not remember that he proved to be more intelligent or skilled than they did not seek to see the richest rich manBabylon working hard and then what was the secret? And that’s where Arkad begins to share his story in 3 hypotheses.

Number one, to enrich yourself, you must understand and practice the universal laws of enrichment, there are 2 types of people who do not accumulate wealth, one is the one who does not understand the laws of enrichment and others that despite understanding them do not respect them, enrich themselves is good, this would be the second point, wealth is an enhancer for life it is possible to do more good things and experience life more fully.

And number 3 you need to have more time and study explaining what time everyone has and it is only a matter of prioritizing things and studies, it is necessary to know how to find information, who gave Arkad the laws of enrichment? He obtained them from a teacher, Arkad was not rich at first, just like his 2 friends, however Algamish appeared a very rich man who asked for an impossible service to do and Arkad decided that he would work all night to deliver whatHe asked and in return Algamish would tell him how to get rich and that is where he reveals the 7 most important rules that we will analyze below.

In the development of this analysis, the ancient Babylon will be visited hypothetically, the lineage where they breastfered and it was seen taking steps to the fundamental principles of the economy consumed and attached today, Babylon became the richest city in the ancient world becauseIts residents were the richest men of their time knew and appreciated the value of money, they observed solid financial principles to obtain money, to store money and to make money make more money, and today the money is governed to the same laws asBefore they governed when thousands of prosperous men toured the streets.

In that Babylon of Antiquity once lived a very rich man named Arkad the fame of his monumental wealth reached the farthest hiding places, as his popularity of liberal and generous man also came but despite his generosity, year after year his fortune grewWith greater speed of what could be spent, until one day they appeared against Arkad friends of his youth and told him, you are more blessed than we have become the richest man in all Babylon, while we barely and managed to surviveWhy? If at one time we were the same, we studied with the same teachers, we played the same games and since those years we have been distinguished citizens like you, because then destiny preferred you to enjoy the good of life and has ignored us that we deserve what we deserve itsame.

Arkad did not desperate or bother the questions of his friends, however, I answer them with simplicity and modesty: my friends if they have not managed to survive since youth days are surely because they have not learned the laws that govern the construction of aFortuna or maybe they don’t even know her, when I was young, I realized many things among all these things, some of them offered me to happiness and satisfaction there I understood that the fortunes amplify the possibilities of all those good things, wealth is power and thatMany events are possible with wealth.

Considering that the world and life change very often, which worked a year ago now does not make any use or meaning, however there are things that do not change over time, there are universal rules that are currently remained intact,The richest man in Babylon, shares with us different rules that serve to fill our empty bag, one of these rules is savings, for example: of every 10 coins that are being won it is necessary to keep 1 you can spend quietly the remaining 9And so soon the savings pocket will grow as the richest man in Babylon exposes us that we must save part of our income, at least ten percent, however, if the tenth cannot be saved part of the tenth part ofIncome, we can start with 3 percent and gradually reach a ten, the most important thing is to learn to save and implement it as a habit.

Another rule that teaches us the book is to control our expenses, in the first place we must try to reduce and control consumption, this means that it is necessary to eliminate unnecessary expenses to spend only on things that are necessary, in most peopleIt is given that the expense of your money is justified, calling all its consumption necessary, when it really is not so, if we do not avoid these things when time our "necessary expenses" will appear on our shopping list, forcing us to waste moreIn objects that are really not of the utmost importance. You should not confuse needs with desires, this is not the same, finding the difference in this our saved stock of values will increase in an extraordinary way.

The third rule that the richest man in Babylon teaches us is that your money works for you, this is when a little money is already treasured, instead of wasting him in ambitions, appetites or luxuries it is better investing, making that each currency that is saved promotes the reproduction of more money and in this way that money works for us, and that when generating income they also get to work investing in new things likewise with the result of the result of that money in this way the money multiplies quickly,

The fourth rule imposed by the richest man in Babylon is to protect your treasure, one really does not want He says that there are no great and easy income from investments without risks, if something looks very attractive, you can win and at the same time lose, if you do not want to lose savings, capital should not be entrusted to incompetent people, rather you have to Invest our wealth with people who invest their own money and who dedicate to the field in which they invest, for example, if you are going to invest in fast food franchises, the money cannot be delivered to a seamstress who is experiencing in the food sphere by First time, in other words he takes advice from wise people who already have experience.

In the fifth rule that does not expose the richest man in Babylon motivates the reader to make his home a profitable investment recommends having their own house and this will motivate to fulfill the responsibilities and help get more money, the society where you live has to beOur motivator or trigger to boost more, so you have to take care of the appearance of our house, have a pretty inspires to work for more.

Ensuring income for the future is the 6th rule that Arkad gives us you should think of accumulating money for our retireThe good of life, but we will have this savings and we can invest in land, things and other assets that ensure financial independence in our future

The seventh rule tells us about increasing the ability to pay money, in order to achieve this, you need to have ambition to seek the constant improvement of our citation and next to this desire or ambition to work, and thus develop new practices, get new preparations, because whenMore knowledge has more money we will conceive, we must also establish large goals, with well -defined objectives that will help us achieve it, we must not stop in the glories, when we reach a goal of other ambitious ones through this desire only then then the desired life will be.

‘I found the path of wealth when I decided that a part of everything I won had to belong to me’ (Classon, 1926) .It is in a powerful analogy, see the amount of expenses that you have when working for someone elseThat way we ensure that we always earn money for us before being a slave to someone else.

There are 2 types of people in the world the maker and the postponor;The postponing is that person who invents an infinity of excuses when he offers a chance, such as stars are not aligned today, I had a bad day at work, among others more losing any opportunity that comes to him, "Good luck can be attracted by accepting the opportunity" (Classon, the richest man in Babylon, 1926). However, the maker accepts each of the opportunities that give him either by trying luck in one way or another, therefore the opportunities that the maker succeeds at some time is much higher than the postponter in this way is demonstrated thatLuck is not the key to triumphing in life.

Acting when the precise moment is given is one more lesson that book the richest man in Babylon implants us, do not be afraid to act the great opportunities are rare and should never be lost but you must be sure that it is not a matter of some kindof fraud.

"No man, no destiny can be compared to another man or other destiny" (Clason G. , 1926) That means that life is not something to the luck that each one must work for himself and fight for what desires and desires of the person, no one is born with the same fate, nobody swim in the same condition time or place,The only thing that can be had in common is the constant struggle in defining those who will be in the future.

To conclude the richest man in Babylon we express a number of rules, which can help us fill our pockets

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