The Rhetorical And Typical Question Of Madrid

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The rhetorical and typical question of Madrid


While for many the true Spanish classic is between boat and Madrid, the truth is that in the capital of the country there is a different climate when their two main teams play. To the point that the typical question when talking about football is, are you about the real or the fourth? In this article we tell you about the Madrid derby.

The rivalry between Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid The two most important teams in the Spanish capital are known as ‘Madrid derby’ and has more than a century of life. From the first official confrontation in 1906, friendly two years earlier until today, faces have been seen in matches for local and European championships, leagues. In the Champions League they have faced nothing less than 17 times, with a slight advantage of the ‘White’ nine to eight. These matches are the ones that have been repeated most in the history of football in Spain.


But returning to the beginning, the first game between Madrid and the Aleti was in February 1904, when both teams were incipient. The not yet ‘real’ beat 4 to 0. But this meeting is not considered valid. There was a year to register the first friendly game, which ended tied in one. During the 10s and 20th they played several meetings for local leagues, but no true importance. It is worth noting that since the creation of the League Championship in 1928 the matches had more influx and those of Madrid and the Alleti were no exception.

For the League they also played for the first time one February as in the initial occasions of amateurism. After the civil war, the use of English names in the teams is prohibited and that is when these two are ‘renamed’ as Real Madrid Football Club and Aviation Athletic Club just changed to Club Atlético de Madrid in 1947. The Madrid derby remained increasingly popular, even in 1958 he was the first to be broadcast live on television throughout Spain. Until now they have faced on almost 300 occasions, with a clear winter 148 victories against 71 of his rival and the 68 were draws.

Madrid derby statistics

If you are a fan of Spanish football and you have traveled to your capital, you have surely had to answer the ‘Million Question’, are you from Madrid or the Alleti? Some without thinking say the first option for their successes is one of the most laureate teams in the world while others will opt for the ‘mattress’ for various reasons. As stated earlier, the ‘meringue’ has been clear winner in the meetings between the two. Even in several matches, titles were defined. The last endings among them were the Spanish Super Cup, the European Super Cup and the 2013-14 and 2015-16 champions leagues.

Likewise, it is worth saying that in the new millennium things have been "matched" a little and the fourth has gained more meetings or glasses than in the previous decades. Three Madrid players have starred in more derbies than any other, with 42 meetings each, we highlight Paco Gento, Manolo Sanchís and Sergio Ramos (the latter still in activity). On the side of the Aleti, Adelardo Rodríguez has dressed his team’s shirt against his rival 35 times.


Finally, we will highlight those players who have militated in both clubs during their career. One of them, which catches our attention, is nothing less than Santiago Bernabéu. Yes, the same one that has been chosen to name the meringue stadium. Although he played most of his trajectory in Madrid, in the 1920 season he went through the Athletic Club, after an argument with the ‘Blanca’ Board of Directors. Other players who wore the two shirts were Julián Ruet. The next time they ask you, are you from Madrid or the Alleti? What will your answer be?

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