The Responsibility And Its Analysis Through The Book “The Leader’S Mirror”

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The responsibility and its analysis through the book "The leader’s mirror"

In general terms, responsibility is a value that most of us obtain it as we grow, but there are few who practice it, currently people do not become aware of their actions or are able to respond for it, today responsibility isIt is very influenced by any environment, either at work, at school, with friends, with family, among others. For our lives, responsibility is very important, because we learn from very young to how to assume challenges later in our future, they formed us to be better people, to know, make correct decisions and the best for those around us, in addition to adding,The value of how valuable. However, it is worth mentioning in David Fischman’s book "The leader’s mirror", which most people seek in any way to escape the decisions they made and face their actions, this is because when assuming theirError seek guilty and avoid assuming such responsibility, escaping their problems, this is reflected in the majority of the life of each of us, through this book it will teach us how to be aware in our decision making and how to face it from themore correct way in the future.

In David Fischman’s sub -topic: Newton’s third law in the company and life, tells us about this law that applies in the life of each of us, "for each action there is a reaction" and how it influences theNature of life itself, it also tells us that this law in oriental philosophy is equivalent to the law of "karma", this means that as we more or less or less is your actions, in the future life will be in charge of returning them to return them toThe same way that you did it, because this makes us understand that each one is responsible for the consequences of our actions, how we are able to react with the evidence that destiny holds and how we face it since if we react in a wayNegative is very likely that fate will be responsible for returning the same favor, but if we know how.

With regard to the sub -subject of: loyalty and the company, the book tells us a small story where there was a king who ascended a slave named Ayaz, to work administrative charges, over time he was promoted by coming to take The position of treasurer, the directors told the king that Ayaz was stealing his wealth since Ayaz was the only The vault and observe what Ayaz did, when Ayaz enters the vault he takes out a bag, in that bag he contained his slave dress and in front of a mirror he began to say: “Remember where you come from and everything your king He did for you, serve it with love ”, before such a response from the slave, the reaction of the king was to leave his hiding place distressed by the palaras that Ayaz had said, leaving him a loyalty lesson, through this story he makes us understand that how valuable And get to make loyalty and appreciate the value of those people who trust us, value everything they do for us and know how to correspond in the same way, in a company many times there is not much loyalty, because perhaps the Most employees are presented with a job opportunity, renouncing what I had since many years, either for a better salary or a better position, loyalty is lost when you fail a company to which you have helped you in one way or another so that you get benefits, because they choose to choose options that best suits you. But in an organization loyalty is not only from the employee to the same company but, from the company to the employee, it must be equitable so that there is better confidence.

In the sub -topic on: what do you think and who you are, the book makes us understand that each of us can change the perception of how to face the various situations we face during our lives, although the majority of the majority ofWe have the power to react in a positive way, that benefits us and tries. Otherwise, if we do not make decisions in the best way, we assume that we cannot with so much, these can influence negatively to affect our self – esteem and harming our health.

In the following sub -topic on: such a father, such an executive, explains about two cases, the first case is an executive to which a manager assigns tasks, when the manager decides to meet him to talk about the progress of hisObjectives, the one in charge of the third objective explodes with such anger saying that it is an abuse and that they are mistreating it a lot, reacting altered. In the second case he tells us about a general manager who meets an online manager to talk about his budget, when the general manager announces that his unit was losing money the online manager reacted saying that his budgets were wrong, leaving baffled;The common of both cases was the inappropriate reaction by the Executive and the online manager before such an event, this is greatly influenced by our childhood of how we have grown and formed S from an early age, since there are cases of people whoThey have grown with great trauma, humiliations from their parents who generate as time passes a series of traumatic experiences that arrive affect both the person causing to prevent them from achieving their objectives and those who capable can come.

In the sub -subject: we must not be dragged by the negative swirls, the author tells us about how to face the problems together, in the book he tells us that the author David Fischman had a conference in a province where he was going through a crisisEconomic and the crucial factor was fear, not working together, negative thoughts and many factors that prevented the province from leaving the crisis that was happening at the time, in regards to that situation David mentions that the best thing for him toThe province comes out of the crisis that was happening was recommended to support everyone and that of not thinking of oneself but to think as a region, seeking the well -being of all the inhabitants of the province.

With respect to David Fischman’s last sub -topic on: "The power of a vision", he mentions how important it is to have a vision in our lives since thanks to the vision we can have a fixed goal to achieve our purposes and achievements thatWe have set ourselves, if we do not have a vision, because we would be deviating and we would not be focused on what we really want to achieve, through this book it is mentioned about an experience that tube Viktor Frankl, when entering a concentration camp of Nazi Germany, whereAt that time, people were exploited a lot at work and what Viktor had to do notYour goal overcoming obstacles.

Finally, collecting the aforementioned information we can deduce that the responsibility is to make positions of the decision making that we have made assuming the various risks to a fact, it is also considered one of the most important qualities that a leader must possess according to whatDavid Fischman mentions in his book "The leader’s mirror" since they provide many help us in the best most assertive decision -making in the future.  

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