The Representation Of Communism In Society

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The representation of communism in society


First and main would be for the type of society in which you are raising, since in the 21st century there is a great variety between the political ideology of some countries, although this simple way could be summarized. The people who are from the right are capitalist, but capitalism derives from liberalism and conservatism, on the other hand, leftism only has two divisions that would be communism and socialism. Now you will wonder what the debatible question has to do with what I just mentioned, because these two sides and their subdivisions have different ideas and different ways of thinking.


Some may seem because of being on the same side, but there are always differences. Example: If you were capitalist and you have two cows you sell one and buy a bull to expand your flock and increase your profits. But in socialism you have two cows and the State forces you to give your neighbor a cow, and could continue giving examples about the difference between these ideals, but my point is different that are the actions of these sides, sinceIf you are a socialist, it is assumed that the State would force you to be at the same level as the people around you.

This would imply that you give part of your cows as I had mentioned before someone who does not know if they deserve those cows. My conclusion would be that all sides have different reasons to be and that if of course you are raised in a communist society for example you are going to raise and grow with that ideology if you agree with it. But speaking of communism and cows my opinion about George Orwell’s book "Rebellion in La Granja" This fable is a certain group of individuals looking for equity, but the only thing they ended up finding was a change of government practically.

The plot is full of rebellion (obviously), betrayal, hypocrisy, sadness and etc. When set on a British farm, the characters in the plot are animals, these are a personification way to expose the dangers of a communist government, the main characters would be: the oldest old man (Karl Marx personification). Snow ball (it does not represent any specific historical character, but it represents the idea of evil). Napoleon (one could say that this is the plot’s Stalin). Chillón (it represents the idea of the market that the communist governments of deception and lies made you.) 

Mr. Jones (represents a corrupt government). Mr. Frederick (a cruel and evil person, as it could not be if he is representing Adolf Hitler). Boxer (it is a worker horse that represents the working class in the USSR and how it was exploited. Mr. Weinberg (simply an intermediary between dictators). The sheep (represent the ignorant population that only follows the government on duty). The book has a quite right begins to its title, everything begins with the older old calling all the farm animals to give their ideas and talk about their enslavement.

After this the final idea he proposes is to overthrow humanity (corrupt government) through great rebellion. A phrase that will later be obsolete was the one mentioned above;All humans are enemies, all animals are compatriots), the old man gave a great farewell with his speech by leaving that idea, since he died a few days later. The rebellion happens with 3 main leaders. Napoleon, snow and squeak ball, the SR. Jones is thrown out of the farm and snowball next to Napoleon creates a doctrine called "Animatism".

Which reduces the principles of all animals on the farm to 7 rules to follow. But the most important of these 7 is the seventh, "all animals are the same" a little time later the animals get a good amount of food individually and every Sunday is the tradition of making a meeting in the barn. Although it always ends badly, since Napoleon opposes all snowball ideas while the sheep to be the most dumb of the flock only repeat “four good legs, two bad legs." 

When time passes, the seventh rule is still standing, but the leadership of pigs and the relevance they have in this society begins to notice severe privileges that a sheep could never have. His way of controlling others would be silence them with threats, just as Mr. Jones did. Time passes and passes and Mr. Jones tries. 

These would go into action after Napoleon opposed the idea of snowball to make a wind mill, because of this snowball was expelled from the farm by Napoleon’s dogs. Napoleon begins an open marketing relationship with humans due to food shots due to the construction of the mill, and the more time passes the whole flock becomes more submissive to Napoleon and his orders. Chillón helps Napoleon conserve little food from the farm by lying to the rest of the flock.

Napoleon after becoming a dictator and killing the chickens calls a confess would force some animals to surrender as traitors to be executed by their canines, to this point none of the 7 rules is practical and Napoleon knows it has become the newMr. Jones. Chillón kept lying on production while the mill is finished, after this the mill is finished and shortly after Napoleon decides to sell wood to Mr. Frederick and Mr. Frederick for no reason invades the farm and explodes the mill. 

After this Napoleon continues with his tyranny and gets drunk. From this moment Napoleon begins to sell alcohol and a commandment is changed, now no animal can drink alcohol, the farm is declared a Republic and Napoleon is officially declared president. All animals continue to work horribly and especially boxer which is injured causing pigs to sell it to make food. Pigs promise to honor boxer with a booty, but instead they use money to get drunk.


The pigs begin to dress and walk on two legs making them the most human in the farm. My conclusion about this book is that they went to nothing, because animals like sheep that have no sense of reason or criteria only follow and continue is what makes a bad society, and also the factor of the rules, a societyIt cannot exist without rules and this can be demonstrated in many ways, in general it is a very good interpretation of the communist government and as a good idea taken by a bad person can end in the worst possible way.

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