The Renaissance: Movement Of Science And Culture

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The Renaissance: Movement of Science and Culture


When talking about this rebirth, it is understood as an entrance door to the modern age, if it placed me at the beginning of the Modern Age, this meant a deep change in the life of Europeans, what is known is that this cabio is given betweenApproximately the 15th and 16th century, this is called that because it was the rebirth of the Greco -Roman culture is like a inmate govern the human being a kind of return to the natural to harmony, to symmetry the contemplation of nature, a changeRotundo, in this one focuses on Italy especially in the city of Florence where the memory of Roman culture is still latent.


In the Greek culture were the several thinkers who were fleeing from the Turks who were chasing them, Florence was going to make the city par excellence where the rebirth would be expressing in their greatest splendor, in Florence it was said that they were above all aclass of large groups of noble and bourgeois who began to rival over time for those who possessed greater works of art at the time when the work of art begins to be used to decorate the houses especially the bourgeois and the artists whoMore stood out was Ticiano, Leonardo da Vinci and Rafael.

Leonardo Da Vinci One of his most important works The jocunda known as La Moraliza today this picture is in one of the best museums in France, the case those men were surprising because they were people who did not simply be painters, but also thatAlso together with the Renaissance a rebirth of science and certain knowledge was brought, one of the most important discoveries in the Renaissance, according to the printing press a machine created by Gutenberg Another discovery was that of firearms for the safety of the safety of theArmies for clashes, there was also a new section of man.

Da Vinci I created the painting of the Renaissance man said that it was considered total different from that of the Evo medium when the conception of the man in the evil half fallen into a totally radical change was studied because during the medieval era the culture had been theoretical bone theocentricEverything revolved around God, instead that of the Renaissance was totally different lookingwhat was called anthropocentrism something very contrary to theocentrism.

Where man becomes the center of all things, in that came the development of science, speaking of new science were also dedicated to an evolution that man explained everything that surrounded him, man sought a rational explanationTo all, among them there was also Nicolás Copernico was he considers the maximum representative of modern science and also of modern astrology he discovered something that were not the stars that revolved around the planet but that the other planets and the earth did it around theSol that was the famous theory of heliocentrism with which Nicola makes that sun known.

By the Renaissance an extensive cultural flowering has been understood since the end of the 14th century began in Italy and quickly extended in Europe during the 15th and 16th centuries.It was going to two origins that meant first of all to return to the humanism of antiquity considered the human being as something great and valuable characterized more by individualism we are not only people we are also unique individuals, the ideal becomes what we call a Renaissance man expressionwith whom a person who participates in all fields of art and science is destined in all the fields of art and science.

This is a mission manifested in an interest in the anatomy of the body, the human being existed only for GodWith its existence then I stopped considering the life of the earth as a preparation for life in heaven then this created a new attitude towards a physical world because nature was considered as positive many thought that God was present in the creation that wasInfinite and therefore this interpretation must also be everywhere (pantheism).

It is also known that Nicola theologian and philosopher also advanced to his time by stating that the Earth ceased to be a motionA new illusion of man who produced a new faith in the human being and in the value of this something that is contrasted with the emphasis that was in the Middle Ages in the sinful nature of man, one of the main figures of the rebirth was physical thatTogether with Pico, a fundamental role in the impulse of humanistic studies and especially in the dissemination of Plato’s thought.

Humanism and the new religious syncretism spirit find their best interlocutor, who wrote the dialogue of the divinity of man where the theme of man is addressed as the center of the universe created and the search for the concord of thought during such a stage of the Renaissance sufferJordano Bruno’s philosophy called Panteist was the first to affirm that the universe was infinite and that God was present in nature ideas that were badly received by the church, which is why he was burned by the Plaza de Rome during that stage the menThey became independent of

The conditions of nature that was not only something that man was part but something that he could use and take advantage of is powerful said Francis Baco an English philosopher was also known that the revolution of the Catholic Church began coming from the hand of ErasmusFrom Rotterdam who was a priest and theologian who raised his voice against the abuses carried out by the Catholic Church without wanting to destroy it, but to make it return to the renewal essence of spirituality is why Erasmus of Rotterdam should not be seen as a revolutionarybut as a renovator in the same way the scientific revolution of the Renaissance.


He came from the hand of Galileo Galilei who is a mathematical and astronomer physicist, this character founded the times of modern, kinematic, dynamic mechanics and also made astronomical telescopic observations, is considered one of the creators of the modern scientific method one of the contributions wasThe unification of the theory with the experiment as an integral part of the research method also makes a theoretical approach of the experiment approach and the reconnection of experimental data, which gives the experiment its preponderant place necessary to produce knowledge to produce.

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