The Recycling In Society And Governments Of The World

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The recycling in society and governments of the world

In recent years, society and part of the governments in the world, have become aware about the environmental problem caused by an organic material, known as plastic. Given this situation, the recycling strategy has taken as an alternative, however, I consider that this process is not entirely efficient at the time of execution.

It has become customary to see how plastics end up in landfills, rivers, rural and urban spaces, generating a great cost for the planet and well -being of human beings, then considering recycling as an exit to all these problems caused in nature byThis biodegradable material. The first step to carry out recycling is to discard plastic waste on the corresponding shelf, the unfortunate is that no one assures us that once this practice is exercised, the recycling process will be carried out.

Raquel Iglesias, general director of Dríade Environmental Solutions, affirmed the following: “A bottle of PET, those of water, for example. It is referred that the PET is very recyclable and is, but it is transparent. If it is a bottle of another color, the recyclability goes down. There is also the opaque PET, in cleaning and cosmetics products, shampoos. Today, these containers do not have effective recycling ”. From what is raised by the director, we can ensure that not only by the fact of reading on the label of plastic materials, which are recyclable, 100% of its recycling is already secured, since in most cases the materialIt may be recyclable, but due to its design the recycling process cannot be completed.

On the other hand, investigations about the companies in charge of this execution, ensure that small materials and products such as yogurts, pitillos, etc., They will be considered as organic matter by the classified machine, being rejected to be recycled, and end up in landfills or incinerated. The world environmental organization, Greenpeace, also include self-adhesive labels, ensuring that these will be rejected, in the same way, by recycling plants. Even Plastic Technologies Inc., In his "new book" he affirms that "the process to eliminate paper labels, for example, can be more difficult than the recycling process …". Only in North America they generate 270.000 tons of waste of these labels and only 1% is recycled. With this insignificant figure, it can be ensured that efficient recycling of adhesive labels in these materials is not performed.

In conclusion, although the actions that contribute to recycling are important and valued, it must be recognized that, given the over-contamination range, which is equivalent to 8 million tons worldwide, and the inefficiency of the mechanisms used, the recycling is insufficientTo have such a deplorable management in which our ecosystem is located and that is increasingly aggravated.         

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