The Rebellion On George Orwell’S Farm

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The Rebellion on George Orwell’s farm


This essay is about the book La Rebelión in George Orwell’s farm, the book is based on a criticism made by the author of the book George Orwell Al Nazi Stalin who was a communist. This work is extremely interesting, mainly because it can help students of the current century to learn about World War II, since it has a great atmosphere of it.


In the first chapter we can see how all the animals were very disagree because they gave more than they received, they were also fed up with the injustices that humans did, so they decided to do a whole communist revolution against humans. After that great decision they felt too happy because they achieved a new change for the farm in order to eliminate the enemy and also managed to excel with their new customs and thoughts;From the 7 commandments of coexistence, the new flag, the new anthem, the assemblies to make decisions and most importantly, the equality offered to all. Thanks to all the changes they made, they managedsame time that they had to do things differently, because it can be seen how over time in history we realize how leaders rise and do very drastic things.

We can notice as in the times of World War II the Nazis were extremely disastrous and cruel to the community, with this story we can observe the radical discrimination that animals had with humans, since by the simple fact of being different from them they wantedeliminate them thus representing how the Nazis wanted to eliminate the Jews at that time. At the time Napoleon expels snowball because of a simple discussion was when things began to look very bad, that is another key example. After that things began to see worse on the farm because the bosses thought more about them than in the community, unfortunately even the point of making treatment with the humans who were greater enemies were reached, they began to exploit all the animalsfrom the farm because they would receive more privileges while the rest would receive less.

A very important phrase that the creator of the rebellion said, Major, was: the man is eliminated, the main cause of hunger and excess work will disappear forever. This phrase identified the animals a lot, since they felt frustrated by all the jobs that put them in charge, but it should be noted that this was not the best idea because it was very aggressive and we could see that it was not a solution, they only neededa good leader to help them reflect so that everyone will get along.

Through this work we can observe how selfishness takes over the minds of the inhabitants and leaders and never become an egalitarian community. This works to make people reflect that communism is never good because at the end of everything it is true that when things are equal for everyone, but in spite of that it is known that a good leader is always needed so that things happenThe best possible way. At the end of every term in a devastating way, because at first it was known that the entire community wanted Napoleon, but as he made many mistakes left them aside.


To finish my essay I want to highlight that this book is of great help to learn more about World War, it also makes us reflect that we do not always have the right to express ourselves freely due to a regime and that we have to stop before making mistakes that we will later regret, in addition to that this work makes us reflect that we live in a new world and that there areWhat to know more about our past not to make the same mistakes, but you have to learn from them and improve them, so that this new world is better. We must know that when a point comes where they repress us, we should not say things without first thinking because it can make us make mistakes. In addition to all this it is important how this book has opened the eyes of many people who believed other things. This book seems really important and with a lot of learning. 

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