The Rebellion Of The Thirteen Colonies

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The rebellion of the thirteen colonies


The text that we are going to comment is about the indecency of the United States of America, or political text of a political nature, because it discusses issues to be able to change the policy of this country;public because it was written so that the entire population was known about the changes that were wanted to make;objective, because at no time the author gives his opinion, but presents a collective and contemporary complaint to the facts mentioned.

The text is written in 1776 in Philadelphia, a city of Pennsylvania, one of the thirteen English colonies on the Atlantic coast of North America. The document was written by Thomas Jefferson, on behalf of the representatives of the thirteen colonies gathered in the General Congress, he addresses humanity to explain and justify the reasons for his separation.


In the Treaty of Independence there are three main ideas by which the rebellion is justified if the human rights despised by the British are not respected and at the end of the text and as a conclusion, the colonies declare united, independent and free by right and politically disconnectedof Great Britain and that, as free and independent states, have full power to make war, arrange peace, alliances, establish trade and carry out the acts and provisions for which independent states are entitled.

We also find several secondary ideas;It is a series of injustices by the King of Great Britain that lead to the American people to the rebellion that are: deny fair and essential laws and if they were approved to careless them;place legislative managers in inappropriate places to tire and renounce their task;dissolution of representatives and deny choosing others;avoid the colonization of states;disturbed the administration of justice;Send officials to disturb the inhabitants, maintain illegal armies superior to civil power;ally with other powers to overwhelm the states under an illegal jurisdiction.

Peoples have been unprotected by dissolving the government, the properties and territories of the peoples have been destroyed, citizens of the peoples have been captured in the sea and have been forced to turn against their, they have disturbed the social order;After each oppression justice was requested and was ignored, and, finally, peace is requested among all the British and the settlers while there are.

The Franco-British colonial rivalry in North America was due to the fact that both powers desired desired to control this part of the continent and the conflict was solved in the seven-year war, which ended the victory of England. The British government considered that the settlers paid the expenses of the defense of the continent, so the Parliament tried unsuccessfully to introduce new taxes, but the settlers rejected them clinging to an idea of the state society: “there is no imposition without participation”,because the settlers did not have representatives in the British Parliament. Those decrees imposed by the British were the cause of the beginning of hostilities.

The rebellion of the colonies became an international conflict where all maritime powers were involved. After ten years of conflict, the peace of Versailles finally recognized the independence of the colonies and after a long political process the ancient thirteen colonies became the United States of America and a constituent process began in each of these.

According to the liberal doctrine, the Constitution established a strong division of powers, so that none of them had influence on the others. The President would have the Executive Power, the Congress the Legislative divided into two chambers: the House of Representatives and the Senate and the Judiciary resided in the Supreme Court.

The settlers rebelled against the British government in the same way that the English Parliament rebelled against the kings who tried to impose absolutism. But in this case, the conflict culminated with the birth of a new nation. The independence of the United States of America was the first episode of the cycle of liberal and bourgeois revolutions that supposed the end of the state society and the beginning of the contemporary age.


The essential principles that inspired this new nation are currently in force in the western world, although the rights collected in this treaty will only be applied to a part of the population, to white men. Thanks to this uprising and continuous independence the United States has become the first world power. 

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